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Offline Versus Digital Marketing, And Why Its Time for the Latter

As a business company, you have probably put your best foot forward at every stage of the trade, from manufacturing the best quality products and employing the most eligible professionals to formulating extensive sales strategies. Many companies invest large amounts of money in offline marketing techniques such as having their ads displayed on standees, billboards and banners. However, especially with the restrictions posed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, public places like the streets, malls and airports are now much lesser frequented as compared to earlier times. So, have you considered switching entirely to digital marketing to fulfil your marketing requirements? Here are some reasons why digital marketing can have an edge over offline marketing for businesses:

1. Wider Reach in Lesser Time

One of the main objectives of the internet is to transcend the boundaries posed by distances. As a result, the online world is a global platform where individuals from across the world have access to the same resources and sites. Consequently, it becomes much easier to reach your target audiences across the world through the internet as opposed to billboards and standees at certain specific places. With the advent of social media platforms and a plethora of websites, online marketing strategies like display and search ads as well as innovative social media campaigns have become immensely popular.

2. Effective Options to Target Specific Audiences

Billboards, standees and other offline marketing tools are out there for the consumption of all individuals regardless of their individual preferences, consumption patterns and requirements. Thus, targeting your specific target group can become challenging and almost impossible when it comes to offline marketing. In contrast, digital marketing strategies like Google adwords and social media display ads have specific filters through which your ads may be displayed only to specific target groups as opposed to the general public. This helps to ensure that your ads correctly reach the intended audiences, thus increasing your sales turnovers.

3. No Additional Making and Rental Costs

Another reason why digital marketing agencies recommend extensive digital marketing for businesses is that offline marketing additional making costs as well as rental charges to display the ads at specific locations for fixed periods of time. In contrast, display and search ads and social media posts and ads involve lower costs, where businesses need to pay only when a user clicks on the ad. This makes these ads very economical for businesses as compared to offline marketing ads.

4. Direct call-to-action leading to increased conversion

While it is possible to introduce call-to-action mentions such as website links and contact numbers in offline marketing avenues, the individual would either have to jot down the information or rely on his/her memory to take the trade forward. However, digital marketing strategies consist of clickable CTA options which directly take one to the landing URLs, directing one to make the purchase. This considerably increases the conversion rates, thus positively affecting the sales.

5. Retargeting ads to generate sales

Another advantage of digital ads is that they leverage advanced analytical tools including cookies to track user activity and display the ads repeatedly to the interested audiences. This helps to reiterate the brand’s presence in the minds of the target groups, encouraging them to purchase the product or avail of the service. Such advanced technological strategies cannot be leveraged when it comes to offline marketing.


In this digital era, digital marketing services are the go-to strategies for companies and businesses to reach their target groups worldwide and reap high ROI while expending less amounts. As the world becomes a global village, advertisements and promotions are also increasingly shifting themselves from the tangible, concrete world of billboards and banners to the virtual world of paid media advertisements, social media campaigns and other such innovative strategies. We at Edgytal are a bunch of digital marketing enthusiasts who have worked with clients from almost every domain, from investments and real estate to architecture and e-commerce. We would be glad to help you prepare the best digital marketing strategies that strike the perfect balance between technicality and creativity. Click here to know more!

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