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Unlocking the Digital Doors: Edgytal's Quarantine Campaign and What It's All About

Streets bustling with vehicles and pedestrians, cafes abuzz with endless discussions over coffee, restaurants and hotels serving hungry customers around the clock, those sales meetings you used to look forward to, the closeness afforded by personal touch and eye contact and handshakes…suddenly, everything has come to a screeching halt. Suddenly, the world became huddled up in its homes, sustaining financial repercussions and trying to find ways to accept the unexpected. Today, even as each of us is trying to figure out ways and means to make sense of the ‘new normal’, companies from almost all industries worldwide are bearing the brunt of low turnovers and rather slow business operations. However, does this mean that companies stop promoting their products and services via marketing? What about the banners and the hoardings that now have no takers?

Edgytal’s latest campaign has the answers to these pertinent questions. Take a look at the two phases that our latest quarantine campaign seeks to address:

Phase 1: Missing Out

Our first campaign addressed the fact that offline marketing techniques like the display of standees and hoardings on the streets no longer serves a purpose in the wake of the COVID-19 quarantine phase. It focused on the fact that even as the streets stretch themselves for thousands of miles in silence, transit advertisements, banners and hoardings now stare into the lonely alleyways, eagerly awaiting their erstwhile spectators – that person taking a moment to notice the attractive hoarding while waiting for the signal to turn green; that busy shopper thinking to buy a cosmetic product being advertised on the standee at a shopping mall; that enthusiastic event attendee gazing through the names of the sponsors; or that commuter fleetingly taking notice of an advertisement stuck on the wall of a main-road.

In the first phase of our campaign, we asked some pertinent questions: i) Where have the people disappeared? ii) Why are there no commuters or pedestrians on the roads, shoppers in the markets and malls, attendees at events, passengers in buses and trains?

Yes, the offline marketing strategies that you may have painstakingly devised at your company has most likely ceased to generate any leads or interest towards your product or service. Companies that used to extensively rely on banners and hoardings, standees and billboards, transit ads and other forms of offline marketing to reach out to their target groups are now not being able to do so.

So, along with you, we raised these important questions on where your target audience is right now.

Phase 2: Be Digital, Be Everywhere!

The answer to all of these questions comes in the second phase of our campaign. In this phase, we found out where those commuters, pedestrians, event attendees and shoppers had disappeared! Yes, that busy officegoer who would hurriedly glance at the hoardings while waiting for the green signal may be seen working from home and learning that new skill online. The students who used to stare at the billboards and banners on their way home are now attending online classes and enriching their minds. Those passers-by are now safe at home, playing online games together in their safe havens. And the shoppers and event attendees who would flock in on shops and events are now scrolling through their social media feed and staying connected to their social circles. Phase 2 depicted that the activity has now shifted from the tangible offline world to the intangible digital one, helping people to stay connected even while maintaining a social distance in the wake of COVID-19. Digital advertisements and online ad campaigns are now going viral as they are grabbing attention from their target groups like never before!

The phase 2 of our campaign further depicted that social media platforms are buzzing with activity as brands are reaching out to and interacting with their target audiences in the most viable and interesting ways possible. Brand recognition and presence is being re-established through those click-bait online advertisements and social media posts, Instagram stories and carousels. Digital marketing agencies are helping clients across the globe to sustain and reiterate their identities in the digital world and generate good turnover and sales even in this unexpected situation.

The second phase of Edgytal’s campaign was all about reiterating the indispensable role of digital marketing for companies, businesses and brands around the world. This phase reassured the commercial sector that a lock-down does not mean that your target audience has disappeared and sales cannot be generated – it only implies that they have moved from one platform to another, navigating their way through the digital world! Generating sales and ensuring a higher turnover is only a click away for your brand.


Edgytal’s latest campaign “Be Digital, Be Everywhere!” is all about supporting companies and brands to take a plunge into the magnificent world of digital marketing. The digital world is bustling with activity, and all you need is an organized digital marketing strategy that specifically caters to your marketing requirements. Through this campaign, we were able to reach an aggregate of 19,344 people, with a total engagement rate of 6,660. And we are glad to have reached out to various businesses and individuals and struck the chord with them on the relevance of digital marketing especially during these testing times that have emerged in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are a bunch of digital marketing enthusiasts who would be glad to help you re-generate your sales and increase your profits even as the world battles the perils of coronavirus. Here’s our motto:

Be it any day of the year, Any moment, Any situation or condition The only way to reach the right audience will be “#BeDigitalBeEverywhere

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