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5 Major Digital Marketing Myths that Have to be Debunked

Imagine a bustling street with magnificent hoardings and posters, or a supermarket with attractive standees and volunteers distributing pamphlets outside. Now, what if we say that all of these activities have now been encapsulated into your electronic devices? Welcome to the world of digital marketing!

Ever since technology has become an indispensable part of our lives, the face of marketing has changed like never before. Digitization has not only changed the ways in which businesses promote their products and services but also their core internal functioning and strategies. Yet, while most companies as well as independent professionals have embraced digital marketing with its multiple avenues, certain common myths surrounding this arena continue to deter them from making the most of this marketing technique. So, we are here to bust 5 major myths around digital marketing: Myth#1: SEO is Redundant.

One of the common myths doing the rounds these days is that SEO no longer serves a significant purpose as an effective digital marketing strategy. With the cut-throat competition and exposure that the online world provides today, it may initially seem quite challenging for websites to outperform the others and rank in the major search engines. However, if carried out the right way, SEO is still an integral marketing practice that can not only help websites to improve their rankings but also drive relevant traffic to the products or services that the company offers. The key is to incorporate a holistic approach towards SEO strategies, leveraging on-page and off-page SEO services to strike the right balance between the technical and the creative aspects of the same.

Myth #2: Social Media Marketing Does Not Work for All Business Types.

The truth is that no matter what industry your company caters to, social media platforms can help you to promote your products or services specifically and effectively. Moreover, the modern social media marketing not only allows one to pick from a wide range of platforms but also offers multiple innovative marketing methods within each, from direct advertisements to catchy stories and carousels. Thus, depending on the nature of the products and services your company offers, you may design a comprehensive and personalized social media strategy catering to your specific requirements.

Myth #3: Paid Media is too Expensive and thus Not Worth it.

Yes, running paid ad campaigns on Google and other platforms may seem rather expensive at first. However, the amount that a company may need to allocate for paid advertising may turn out to be rather reasonable if one considers the high Return-on-Investment that this avenue often provides. Understanding your target group and preparing elaborate marketing and remarketing campaigns ensures not only high clickthrough rates but also a good conversion, driving the target audiences to actively purchase your products and/or avail of your services. Hiring a reputed digital marketing agency or expert to carry out the paid media activities can help companies to promote their business successfully through paid advertisements. Myth #4: After a Point, Some Occasional Hygiene Posts on Social Media are Enough.

Often, having achieved a reasonable follower-base on social media platforms, brands resort to some occasional basic posts to maintain their social media pages and pause the major campaigns and activities. However, while these hygiene posts are also important on social media, one needs to continue thinking out of the box and coming up with creative and practical ideas to retain one’s social media presence. Thus, constant brainstorming and frequent reviews of one’s campaigns and strategies can help companies to stay relevant in the minds of their customers.

Myth #5: Digital Marketing can Always be Handled In-House.

One of the most common myths of digital marketing is that it can always be handled in-house, and that companies do not require external support. While handling social media in-house is not always a bad idea, employees often require guidance and assistance from digital marketing professionals from time-to-time. This is because the individuals actively involved in digital marketing are experienced, qualified and typically well-updated with the latest trends in the field. Thus, they are capable of striking the perfect balance between technicalities and creativity to come up with relevant and unique ideas specific to their clients’ requirements. Thus, approaching digital marketing firms and agencies can help companies to make the most of a holistic and effective digital marketing strategy. Conclusion

From budding businesses to MNCs, digital marketing as we know it today has managed to influence companies from almost every industry and at different levels. Today, digital marketing is helping companies to achieve major sales targets, establish their brands and drive audiences from across the globe in ways never imagined before. We at Edgytal are also dedicated towards making a difference in the digital marketing domain by understanding our clients’ specific requirements and providing them with exactly the digital marketing solutions that they need. Click here to know more about us!

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