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Companies Combating COVID-19: How Companies Worldwide are Making the Right Moves

From economic crises and financial turbulence, to natural calamities and wars, the world has witnessed innumerable catastrophes over the ages. However, the COVID-19 pandemic we are faced with today has come across as staggeringly sudden, leading to colossal business losses and economic debacles in addition to the sweeping fatalities caused due to spreading of the coronavirus. At a time when large-scale social distancing and stringent preventive measures like maintaining hygiene and staying indoors are being vociferously advocated as means of fighting this invisible enemy, companies worldwide have also been doing their bit to ensure general well-being. Take a look at how some of the world’s leading multinational companies are trying their best to safeguard their employees’ interests:

1. The Work-From-Home Facility: Working Against the Virus

The world may be dealing with one of the gravest pandemics in history, but as the popular adage goes, "the show must go on." So, in an effort to strike a balance between taking care of their employees and getting the work done, many top companies have declared ‘work from home’ for their employees. This encourages individuals to avoid stepping out of their homes for work while also contributing towards an efficient business functioning.

2. Video Conferencing: Staying Connected During Social Distancing

Companies have also provided employees complete access to video conferencing tools through which the different teams and departments may stay connected to one another while also maintaining the social distance. In addition, Google Inc has also made Hangout Meets accessible to their customers till July 1, 2020. Such a video conferencing service helps employees in the organization coordinate better with third parties and aids smooth business functioning.

3. Paid Sick Leaves for Temporary Staff Members

Companies like Google have also come up with the idea of ‘COVID-19 funds', which enables all the temporary staff members as well as vendors to take paid sick leaves in case they display any of the COVID-19 symptoms and are required to be quarantined for a certain period. This is a remarkable initiative for individuals working on contract basis, who are not full-time employees in the organization. It also helps to prevent the spread of coronavirus and maintain a safe and secure world around.

Edgytal’s Work-From-Home Facility for its Employees At Edgytal, our employees have been working from the comfort and safety of their homes since even before the official declaration of the national lock-down. Our internal communication systems ensure that employees stay connected with one another for all work-based activities even while working remotely. Our “morning meeting” routine and other online communication channels help us streamline our activities more efficiently and contribute to a more organized virtual work-space for our employees as well as clients availing of our digital marketing services. We hope that the world emerges victorious from the COVID-19 pandemic and normalcy is restored in our lives very soon.

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