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6 Tips to Make Your Carousel Ad Stand Out on Social Media

The visual medium has always been an extremely powerful means of advertising and marketing. With the advent of the social media, visual advertising has escalated from banners and posters to creative pictorial representations and visually appealing videos revolving around myriad themes. Carousel advertising is a fairly recent and highly trending addition to the visually rich social media ads.

Carousel ads are best examples of conveying a lot in just a little, which contributes to their immense popularity. Simply put, they are nothing but collections of images that integrate to form what’s literally the ‘whole picture’. Such ads allow users to swipe through the set of connected images to make sense of the ad in its entirety. Typically, it ends with a call to action or a link to the advertiser’s website. In this blog, we take a look at the ways in which a social media advertising agency can leverage carousel ads to ensure the best results!

1. The Whole is a Sum of its Parts

There’s a reason why those ‘to be continued’ TV shows are so popular amongst viewers. Hardly anything manages to induce as much anticipation as an incomplete story. The same applies to carousel ads – if the first image conveys the entire message of the ad, would the intended audiences take the effort to swipe through the rest? In all probability, they wouldn’t. So, while preparing a carousel ad, one must ensure that the images are connected to one another and induce curiosity in the viewer to flip through the images. The more a carousel ad tells an engaging story, the more likely it is for its audiences to hang in there.

2. Answering the 'How' Question

In a carousel, advertisers may be tempted to answer why the customer should go in for their products. But besides this obvious answer, it’s also a good idea to enlighten them about how the product being advertised can be used – especially if it is a tangible product and not a service. Such demonstrations not only provide practical knowledge to audiences, but also keep them engaged throughout the carousel.

3. Less is More!

The whole point of a carousel ad is to attract audiences to the product and brand through visual appeal. So, it follows that the carousel should be more graphic than wordy. It’s a good idea to limit the amount of text in each image to a few words and let the images do the talking!

4. Defining the Target Audience

As with any other form of advertising, the target group plays a vital role in carousels too. Before preparing the carousels, it is important to know exactly who to target through the ad and then research on this target group accordingly. An online marketing agency must consider the innovative ways and means by which it can reach out to the TG. Such analysis helps to prepare the creative for the carousel ad in such a way that it manages to catch their attention instantly.

5. Determining the Purpose of the Carousel Ad

­­­­­While the broad goal of marketing is to promote a product or service, a company may carry out advertising campaigns owing to different purposes – such as lead generation and sales, brand building, brand awareness, announcing special offers etc. If the main purpose of the carousel ads is only sales, then one can directly focus on lead generation by leaving a call to action and emphasizing on the price of the product. In contrast, if the goal is brand awareness, one can deal with aspects such as the vision of the company, new developments or achievements, providing quick facts or trivia etc.

6. Selecting the Right Social Media Platform

Today’s well-integrated world offers multiple social media platforms to choose from in order to display carousel ads. But which platform to choose also depends on the product or service being promoted and the audience being targeted. For instance, if the TG is working professionals, LinkedIn is probably the best platform. But if one is looking to grab the eyeballs of the millennials, Instagram and Facebook may be great options to consider.

Carousel ads have made a mark in the advertising world for the right reasons – they generate interest in their target audiences while also allowing advertisers to think out of the box. And that’s why a number of companies and digital marketing firms in India and are also opting for this trending means of marketing.

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