Twitter to Review Its Policies to Include More Voices and Perspectives

December 17, 2019



Human beings are social animals, and as long as there is a need to exist and thrive on earth, societies and communities will continue to play a major role in moulding individuals. Thus, it makes sense when Maslow’s hierarchy of needs emphasizes on the social needs of love and belongingness as primary human needs, next only to physiological needs and safety. And with the different parts of the world coming closer and closer together as a result of digitization and technology, individuals, businesses and digital marketing agencies across the world now have very efficient means to incorporate the virtues of social inclusion and empathy as important aspects of our day-to-day existence.
As a significant initiative towards achieving this objective, Twitter has recently announced that it is all set to revise its platform policies to provide a much-needed platform for different groups and sections of the society to mark their presence and make themselves heard. Here’s the update:

Twitter Trust and Safety Council: Broadening the Horizons

The Twitter Trust and Safety Council was established in 2016 as a first major step to bring about social inclusion in the online platform. This governing body has been responsible for coordinating with organizations and industry experts across the world to provide their inputs on designing and updating Twitter policies and new initiatives. In an attempt to maximize the potential of this social media platform and incorporate the perspectives of different social groups across the world, the Twitter Trust and Safety Council has earmarked some key areas where it is extremely crucial to ensure that individual voices are heard and more and more people can voice their opinions freely. These areas include:

  1. Human and digital rights.

  2. Combating online harassment and ensuring online safety.

  3. Prevention of and awareness about child sexual exploitation.

  4. Suicide prevention and mental health awareness.

As Twitter begins a conscious consideration of these different perspectives, it is also constantly earmarking further pain areas that can be addressed with the help of an empathetic and sensitive online platform.


How is This Move Likely to Affect the Twitterati?

While social media and digitization have its own set of pros and cons, what comes across as a fresh breath of air is the fact that we now have holistic platforms to collectively address very pertinent issues that the world is faced with today. Incorporating different perspectives and providing the much-needed non-judgemental zone for various individuals, groups and communities to express themselves can help to spread mass awareness on different realities and bridge the communication gap between various sections of the society. A careful review of Twitter’s policies and guidelines on the basis of such social inclusion can pave the way for more sensitive and compassionate online and offline worlds for individuals to navigate through. We hope that other social media platforms take a leaf out of Twitter’s book and reconstruct their policies with a broader social perspective in mind.

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