Twitter Takes an Initiative Towards Identifying Bot-Run Fake Profiles and Enhancing User Safety

March 16, 2020



When navigating through the virtual world of social media, it often becomes a herculean task to draw the boundaries between the genuine and questionable elements. Identities often blur and one can never be too sure about the credibility of online profiles. Over the years, a number of bot profiles have emerged on social media platforms, carrying out online activities while masquerading as genuine users. So, how is one to differentiate?

Twitter’s Proposed Move to Detect Fake Bot Profiles

To enhance online safety and promote a safer, more secure and user-friendly social media navigation, Twitter has come up with a new initiative to identify fake profiles and alert genuine users to steer clear of the same. It has been found that such bot profiles are often the preliminary participants of online political discussions and news-based forums. As a result, the authenticity of the information presented on these channels has also undergone a significant adulteration. Today, as genuine social media users, business handles and social media advertising agencies navigate through these platforms, they need a shield that helps them bifurcate the real from the reel elements.

In response to this ongoing issue pertaining to bot profiles, Twitter is now in the process of updating its regulations and creating algorithms to identify such anonymous bot-run profiles. However, not all bot profiles are detrimental to the social media zone – on Twitter, the principal criterion in detecting malicious bot profiles and distinguishing them from the genuine ones is by figuring out whether or not these profiles clearly specify if they are bot accounts run by genuine developers, and if so, who the developer running the bot is. Such information provided by developers on these bot profiles makes it very convenient for Twitter to eliminate unruly elements while retaining the credible ones. Moreover, developers are required to create bot profiles on software systems that are compatible with Twitter’s Application Program Interfaces.


Introducing Distinct Icons to Differentiate Fake from Authentic

Another related initiative proposed by Twitter to bifurcate real and fake profiles is to label the bot accounts with distinct icons to alert users about whether or not the profile is governed by a real entity. Such distinction enables safer social media browsing and helps the online world become a more credible, secure and transparent world for individual users, businesses and digital marketing agencies to navigate in.

This new initiative proposed by Twitter is a definitive way to ensure that the anonymity afforded by online platforms does not become a pretext for imposters to carry out unethical activities and spread misleading information. We hope that this step is one of the ways forward to enhancing the authenticity of social media platforms!

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