5 SEO Trends You Should Know As You Step Into 2020

December 30, 2019


“Every new beginning comes from another beginning’s end.” – Seneca

The passage of time from one year to the other can be allegorized as sand slipping from one glass bulb to the other in an hourglass. And as the last few granules of sand slip through from the top glass bulb on to the one beneath, it’s time to shed our old baggage and gear up for an exciting journey to exhilarating destinations.

The domain of SEO also brings with it some fresh trends that are likely to influence our inextricable connection with the internet and search engines. As individuals, businesses and SEO service providers step into 2020, here’s a look at some SEO trends they are likely to witness as the year progresses:

1. Optimizing Keywords for Voice Search

While typing keywords in the “search” bar of search engines is considered the general norm, users may often not have the time or inclination to type out elaborate long-tail keywords each time they wish to look for relevant information. For this reason, quick audio searches via search tools like OK Google and Siri are emerging as suitable alternatives to the conventional means of surfing the internet using a keyboard.
However, the language and tone of this verbal means of providing input might differ greatly from those of the conventional technique of typing search queries. Therefore, as voice search is predicted to show a steady growth in the forthcoming months, businesses may benefit significantly by optimizing their websites with elaborate, conversational & long-tail keywords pertaining to voice search, such as “How do I take a backup of my laptop?” or “What year was Abraham Lincoln born?”

2. All Hail Featured Snippets!

Often, individuals tend to look up quick answers to very specific questions pertaining to aspects such as important dates, details on influential personalities and scientific reasons behind naturally occurring phenomena. Some examples of such specific searches include:

  • “Why are plants green?”

  • “When did India become independent?”

  • “What is the name of Hitler’s autobiography?” etc.

Research suggests that answers to 40.7% of voice search queries are derived from featured snippets. Thus, Google and other leading search engines are always on the lookout for reliable sources that provide accurate answers to such questions. With featured snippets being such significant carriers of vital information, it becomes imperative for websites to increasingly strive for accuracy and credibility of the information they provide. This enables them to stay on top of search results each time a specific query (such as the ones listed above) is entered on the search engine.

3. Secure Websites

As more and more individuals and businesses deposit information on the internet and the online competition increases as a result, users and SEO service providers tend to consider security as an important determinant in earmarking relevant websites. One of the most essential security measures for all websites is to enable “HTTPS”. This process is a means to legitimize a website as encrypted and secure. Further, this tag helps to protect user information and ensure that the website does not contain any malware or viruses.


4. Mobile-Friendly Websites

The whole internet world can now be compressed into your phone, which is why websites that contain mobile versions are the needs of the hour. Mobile-friendly websites are more likely to be considered by users as opposed to the ones that contain only a desktop version.

Content Remains the King!

Yes, SEO best practices help one to attain greater accessibility in search engines and be on the top of search results. However, content is the core foundation on which SEO can then be built to further contribute to a higher viewership rate. As digitization and internet spread their wings to reach out to more and more individuals and groups, there is an abundance of information out there. Thus, what stands out is how well the information is presented and whether it manages to instantly catch the attention of online users. As long as the internet and technology abound as essential media of gathering information, content will continue to reign as the primary criterion while zeroing in on one website from the millions available in the search results.


As individuals, businesses and digital marketing agencies prepare for another topsy-turvy year, it is also time to review our SEO practices and update the same vis-à-vis the changing demands and advancing technology. We hope that 2020 proves to be a lucrative year for the fields of SEO and digital marketing!










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