The Post-COVID-19 Digital Era & Shifting Pinterest Search Trends

July 22, 2020





Over the past few months, the world has witnessed a massive shift not only in its day-to-day functioning but also in its general perception towards life. Even as quarantine has shut our doors to the outside world, individuals now have the bandwidth to pause and reflect and look within themselves. And the online world is definitely providing us with the much-needed outlet to achieve the same.

Whether it is taking up that course you have always wanted to pursue or checking out that dream recipe or simply nurturing your mental and emotional wellbeing, the online world has been our support system throughout this arduous journey. Businesses and digital marketing agencies are striving to make the most of this ‘digital renaissance’ of sorts that is taking place today. And an image-oriented platform like Pinterest has become a daily retreat for most individuals to feel a sense of togetherness in pinning and sharing relevant content. Take a look at how the Pinterest search trends have witnessed a significant shift during the COVID-19 phase:

Common Pinterest Searches During the Quarantine Period


Here are some domains in which Pinterest has witnessed positive search trends over the past few months:

  • Personal Wellness: As mentioned before, now is the time that individuals are looking within themselves and breaking the barriers between themselves and their mental health. In such a scenario, Pinterest has been witnessing a surge in search trends on emotional wellbeing, including terms relating to stress relief.

  • The ‘Attitude of Gratitude’: While all of us are looking to overcome these testing times as early as possible, the COVID-19 phase has also taught us to be grateful for what we have, whether it is a roof over our heads, food in our plates or family and friends. That’s probably why searches on gratitude have increased tremendously over the past few months.

  • Parenting Tips and Home Education: As a result of the schools being shut, parents and children are getting accustomed to digital classrooms and e-learning. Consequently, the Pinterest search volume for education and parenting search terms such as ‘indoor activities for kids’ and ‘work from home with kids’ have experienced a rapid increase.

  • Self-Care and Beauty: With the parlours and salons being shut for what seems like ages now, personal grooming hacks to try at home are becoming increasingly popular. Thus, the online world is also bustling with increasing searches for queries on home haircuts, spa, and DIY manicure and pedicure.

The Bottom Line

The best part about Pinterest is the sheer variety of content that may be uploaded and shared on this platform. And the changes in its search trend suggest that individuals rely on Pinterest in different personal situations and while looking for answers to a wide variety of questions. We hope that this online network continues to flourish even as we unite to overcome the pandemic and its effects.

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