Instagram to Add New Categories to the ‘Following’ List for a Clutter-Free and More Organized Content Feed

October 31, 2019



A clutter-free existence promotes clarity of thought and gives rise to more organized processes. And with millennials navigating the offline and online worlds simultaneously on a daily basis, this funda of clutter-free living has also extended to include social media platforms.

Even as the initial frenzy of following the who’s who in one’s circles has plummeted, social media platforms are increasingly encouraging more personal interactions and value-adding content. Last year, Twitter famously came up with a unique strategy, wherein it actively encouraged users to unfollow handles with which they had had no engagement. Following suit, Instagram, in its latest experiment, is all set to prepare extensive categories within a user’s ‘Following’ list based on his/her engagement patterns. So, what plans does Insta harbour, and what does it mean to the billion individual users, businesses and digital marketing agencies who continue to actively make use of the platform? Let’s take a look.

Instagram’s Bifurcation of the ‘Following’ List

As per the latest news, Instagram is experimenting with minimizing a user’s followers to the core group with whom s/he has regular interactions. In addition, it is also all set to classify the ‘Following’ list based on the specific topics and domains it deals with. As a result, the leading social media platform has come up with three distinct bifurcations of the handles an individual is following: ‘Categories’, ‘Least interacted with’ and ‘Most shown in feed’. While lists pertaining to the first classification consist of Instagram handles from different domains, such as ‘Art’, ‘Travel’ etc., lists from the second and third criteria respectively deal with the handles that one has very less or no interaction with and those that appear the most in the user’s feed.
The ‘least interacted with’ and ‘most shown in feed’ lists are directly correlated to one another. This is owing to the fact that while the former encourages the users to unfollow the handles that s/he has least engagement with, the latter then utilizes this information to present the updates of only those handles that the user has active engagement with. In this way, Instagram seeks to ensure that users do not follow every ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’, and that they have fruitful engagements within the platform.

How Does This Move Affect Users on Instagram?

Even by itself, Instagram has always attracted users and businesses because of its extensive focus on content and engagement rates as opposed to following other users in bulk. In its extra effort to keep up the inflow of good quality content and personal interactions, this initiative by the social media platform is likely to improve the interaction patterns and raise the bars for other platforms in terms of presenting content in a purposeful and judicious manner. If implemented well, this can prove to be a great move for individual users, businesses and social media advertising agencies across the globe.

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