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Keen by Google: Here’s Why We Should be Keen on This Latest Pinterest Competitor

For years on end, Pinterest has maintained its monopoly as the most sought-after app to browse, curate and upload specific image-based content. Its ‘pin’ feature and a wide range of topics to choose from are the primary reasons for its widespread popularity. However, Google’s recent launch of the social discovery and search app Keen might imply a competition for Pinterest in the near future.

Recently, Google’s Area 120 Team, which is its internal department that constantly creates and experiments with new and specialized services, launched Keen, which leverages machine learning to provide specialized image-based content to its users. So, what is Keen all about, and why should it matter to individuals, businesses and digital marketing agencies worldwide? Here’s the deal:

The Exclusive Features of the Keen App

  • Similar to Pinterest, the Keen app also seeks to provide its users with dynamic options to narrow down their searches to specific domains, as well as to browse and curate relevant images from these.

  • Typically, when a user joins Keen, s/he browses through various domains and topics and selects his/her fields of interest, thus enabling the app to understand one’s preferences better.

  • Each topic or domain one selects is called a “keen”, on which s/he may curate relevant content as per his/her discretion. One may also choose to either share these keens publicly or save it privately.

  • Whatever content a user saves is contained in a segment called ‘gems.’ Another segment called ‘explore’ provides new suggestions, and these appear in “searches” when the user looks for content on the specific domain. Such systematic segregation of information helps users to navigate the app and consolidate the relevant data more efficiently.

  • One of the major factors that differentiate Keen from Pinterest is its application of machine learning algorithms to its content curation strategies. The incorporation of AI and ML allows the app to better understand user preferences based on their searches and provide specific search suggestions and content accordingly.

  • Thus, even as the app offers a wide scope in terms of a variety of domains to choose from, it also cuts down on the jargon by providing personalized and accurate suggestions.

How Keen are We for ‘Keen’?

  • As an app consisting of distinct features and leveraging the latest disruptive technologies, Keen comes across as a breath of fresh air for users looking to browse and curate content from various domains.

  • It also allows users to share one’s content and keens on the public domain and thus pass on the information to other aficionados.

  • It can also help businesses, independent researchers, general enthusiasts as well as digital marketing agencies to find content in a more systematic manner for various purposes.

Bottom Line

From the looks of it, Keen does display a considerable potential to perform on par with (if not outperform) Pinterest in the near future. However, it is up to Google to now promote the app and its defining features, thus helping its users to understand that the app is not “old wine in a new bottle.” Let’s hope that Keen strikes a chord with the online world in the coming months and helps individuals, businesses and digital marketing firms to curate content more efficiently.

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