Google Introduces Significant Changes to the Appearances of its Paid Ads and Organic Search Results

January 17, 2020



As the retail world expands itself to accommodate more and more and more brands, products and services each day, it becomes increasingly imperative for the relevant and good-quality ones to assume a more important position. For this reason, many businesses and digital marketing agencies are now opting for paid online advertisements aimed to drive the niche target audiences to the advertisers’ landing pages and thus increase traffic. These ads help to significantly increase brand awareness and actively generate leads. While Search Engine Optimization and social media campaigns also play pivotal roles in promoting brand recognition, paid advertisement helps to further boost these services and actively drive audiences to make the desired purchase decision.
To best satisfy the needs of businesses and agencies, Google constantly updates its features to offer only the best services and enhance the user experience. And one of its most recent developments is concerned with the favicons and ad labels displayed beside organic and paid ads respectively in search results. Here’s what’s new:

The ‘Ad’ Label on the Paid Ad Search Results

Recently, Google came up with a complete makeover of its search results in the form of introducing tiny favicons that can instantly attract the attention of a user. These favicons are typically of 2 types: the paid advertisements consist of tiny white labels with the word “Ad” placed at the centre in bold letters. This comes across as a rather interesting alternative to the earlier green label that, according to many users, were not very clearly visible amidst the host of search results. The new labels now ensure that the ads instantly catch the attention of target audiences and drive them to the landing-pages.


The Favicons on the Organic Search Results

In addition to these changes in the appearance of paid ads, the organic search results have also undergone transformations for the better. The organic search results are now accompanied by tiny favicons containing the logos of the respective companies. This is indeed a welcome transition, as individuals can now easily sift through the hundreds of search results and locate the brands of their choices.

Changes in the Positioning of the Website URL

Further, Google search results now display website URLs in black font colour, right above the meta-titles. Again, this is a welcome transformation from the URLs in green font colours placed below the title, as meta-titles typically do not reveal website names, thus making it rather difficult for individuals to clearly view the URLs and decide whether or not to venture into the website.


With Google’s introduction of these novel features to its search results, one can expect more visibility of the paid ads and organic results, as well as a clearer bifurcation between the two categories of search results. Moreover, a change in the website URL positioning may help users to better navigate the search results and identify the ones they would like to consider. We hope that these new initiatives by Google enable users, businesses and digital marketing firms to fulfil their marketing requirements in the best ways possible.

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