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“Every Story Has a Reaction”: Instagram’s New Feature Enables GIF Replies to Stories!

Gone are the days when people would upload all their day-to-day moments and random snaps on their feeds. It would be fair to say that much of the social media world currently lives on stories, with more and more users, businesses and social media advertising agencies sharing their seemingly smaller moments and everyday trivia as story snippets on their Instagram handles and Facebook accounts.

Simultaneously, another phenomenal intervention that has redefined social media and provided a classic integration of humour and communication is the GIF culture. GIFs are easily the trendiest features on social media at the moment, providing individuals with the much-deserved splits amidst mundane routines. So, here is Instagram with an interesting update that skilfully integrates stories and GIFs to take fun and amusement to a whole new level! Here’s the deal: Replying to Stories the GIF Way!

In its most recent update, Instagram has enabled a new feature where, besides the usual emoticon reactions, one may also react to others’ stories by means of exciting GIFs! These GIFs may be searched by typing specific keywords in the “reply” bar and selecting the desired GIFs out of the plethora available.

How Does this Move Impact Social Media Interactions?

While the conventional methods of social media interaction – such as quirky text responses and emojis – can never go out of fashion, GIFs can introduce a new level of humour and excitement to the conversations. Many a times, GIFs bring in animated characters and popular culture references (such as the phenomenal F.R.I.E.N.D.S. GIFs!) that tap on the collective conscience of an entire generation, thus providing an entirely different perspective to an ostensibly simple reaction! Let’s hope that this rather innovative initiative by Instagram proves useful for the innumerable users, business pages and digital marketing agencies for whom Instagram is a digital second home!

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