No More Limitations on the Text Included in Facebook Ad Images

September 29, 2020




Just like one shoe size never fits all, there is never one formula for creating Facebook advertisements. Each product and brand has its USP and features; consequently, one online marketing idea that works wonders for one may fail for another. For this reason, restrictions on Facebook ads can impede the marketing process for certain brands that may benefit from more textual ad images instead of the conventional pictorial ones.

Until now, Facebook always had a strict 20% limit on the text to be included in the images of Facebook advertisements. While there were exceptions to such limitations, the reach of ads with more text was much narrower than the other pictorial ads. Such a restriction stemmed from the common belief that individual users’ attention spans are typically short while glancing through Facebook. However, this rule often caused a problem for brands who believed that text-based Facebook ads could ensure more engagement and conversions.

In a recent development, Facebook has removed its restrictions on the number of words to be included in Facebook advertisements. This means that even ads with the text proportion of more than 20% in the image can now enjoy the same reach as the other ads. This comes as a major positive change in the domain of Facebook marketing, especially for brands that had been looking to include more textual ads as part of their marketing campaigns.

However, even while removing these limitations, Facebook still holds that concise text with a major focus on the image and overall creativity tend to catch attention more quickly. Thus, it recommends that its users, businesses and digital marketing agencies continue to majorly focus on pictorial representations in the images of their Facebook ads.

While all the text-related restrictions on Facebook advertisements have now been removed, the bottom line is that regardless of the amount of text included in the Facebook ad, its reach, click-through rates and conversion rates of rely hugely on how it is strategized.

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