Facebook to Introduce a ‘Favourites’ Listing Feature For Its Stories

November 25, 2019



There are some milestones in one life that deserve to appear as elaborate posts on news-feeds. And then there are those little moments – funny, thoughtful, quirky, behind-the-scenes – which are relevant for very short spells. But does this mean that such posts are any lesser important than others? Certainly not! And that’s why leading social media platforms – including Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp – have come up with the innovative ‘Stories’ feature that allows users to put up pictures and statuses with shorter shelf lives.
However, some stories may be too contextual in nature and intended for specific target groups from your wide range of followers. Moreover, the number of followers one wishes to exclude from the viewers’ list may sometimes exceed the number of followers s/he would want to draw the attention of. In such cases, it would be much easier to filter the number of persons one would want to include in the list than manually exclude the other followers. Taking cognizance of this issue, Facebook has come up with a new ‘favourites listing feature’ for its stories. Here’s a look at this proposal:

What is the Favourites Listing Feature on Facebook Stories?

Following Instagram’s recent launch of the ‘close friends’ list that allows one to share his/her stories to smaller groups of followers, Facebook is reportedly toying with the idea of introducing a ‘favourites’ list on its ‘stories’ feature. This option would enable users to share their stories with their internal circles rather than all their friends on the platform.

What Does this Feature Hold For the Facebook Community?

Such specific grouping of viewers can not only help individual users to promote a clutter-free story-viewing experience but can also enable businesses and social media marketing agencies to target specific sub-groups from the large number of followers that their business pages may consist of. This can help businesses to work backwards by targeting the audiences who are most likely to exhibit an interest in the subject-matter that the story revolves around.



According to reports, the growth rate of Facebook stories is 15 times more than news-feed sharing. This statistic is proof enough that leveraging the stories feature in the right manner can help businesses reach out to their niche audiences and improve brand recognition to a great extent. We hope that Facebook’s latest experiment pertaining to the ‘Favourites’ listing for its stories helps businesses and digital marketing agencies effectively achieve their marketing goals!

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