7 Tips to Write the Perfect Blogs for Your Website!

July 15, 2019


“The pen is mightier than the sword” is indeed a timeless cliché. Words have immense potential to drive individuals and groups to perform the desired actions and initiate change.
But with such a rapid inflow of content on online platforms in the 21st-century era, is it possible for one individual or organization’s content to stand out amidst the crowd? The primary responsibility of any digital marketing company dealing with creating and publishing onsite blogs is to ensure that the content is informative and innovative, while also maintaining a catchy tone and style and logical structure. In this blog, let’s take a look at some relevant ways to write content-rich, interesting blogs for a website.


1. Writing – with a purpose

The entire process of writing a blog post starts with a need to convey a definite message to a certain target group (more on that later). Without a specified rationale for blogging, the act of writing becomes purposeless. As a blogger, it is important to consider what points you wish to drive home via your blog post and how it would benefit your audience. One could start by making an actual or mental note of the same and considering it throughout the writing process.



2. Target Audience: Deciding the intended readers

The next criterion to consider is the target audience or target group. This group basically comprises your intended readers – i.e. who you would like to reach out to with the help of your write-up. For instance, if you’re blogging about baby products, your target group would most likely be new parents. On the other hand, if you’re planning to blog on jewellery and cosmetics, your broad target group would be women.


3. Topic Research: Gathering the raw materials for writing

Regardless of the extent to which we are already familiar with the topic in question, it’s always a good idea to carry out further research before drafting a blog. When it comes to online resources, one can filter the dates of publication and access the latest write-ups on the topic with ease. Good old offline resources such as books, newspapers, journals etc. are also great sources of information.



4. Keyword Research: The backbone to a SEO-friendly blog post

Your blog may be simply ravishing in terms of its structure, tonality, style and language – but for this write-up to be more widely read on the internet, SEO is a great option. And one of the major prerequisites of an SEO-friendly write-up is keyword research. Keyword research involves exploring what primary words or phrases relating to your topic are most widely searched on top search engines, and then utilizing these keywords in your blogs to increase your ranking in these search engines. It’s always a good idea to analyse the number of keywords that can be used in each of your blogs and the frequency of each keyword. Online keyword research tools like SEMrush and WordStream are good places to start your research.


5. Creative with a direction: Formatting the structure

A part of getting creative also involves organizing your work into a definite structure. This involves determining the sequence of points to be addressed and the average length of your blog post. Ideally, a blog could start with a concise but catchy introduction, followed by pointers containing the body of the blog, and finally the conclusion. A logical structure ensures that the different parts of your blog link seamlessly into one another.


6. Hyperlinks – References at the readers’ fingertips

In all probability, your readers would like quick reference links that clarify or further elaborate on the information you provide in your blog. Besides reference links, you could also provide internal hyperlinks to your own website to drive more traffic to your landing pages. Such a passing mention ensures your services are highlighted while also not once taking away from the generally informative nature of the blog. You could consult your SEO services provider about which links (both external and to your own website) can be tactfully added to your blog to increase its SEO value while also avoiding overt promotion.


7. Let the creative juices flow!

“Creativity is intelligence having fun,” Albert Einstein rightly said. A well-written and catchy piece of copy can literally rock the internet! Here, too, you could speak to your SEO services provider about what unique and appealing elements can be added to your content to enhance its creativity.

With rapid modernization and technical advancement, a number of digital marketing solutions in India have been working towards providing good-quality content for their clients’ websites. The key is to ensure a good balance between the concrete technicalities of blog writing – including tone, structure and word-limit – and the abstract free-flowing nature of creative content writing.

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