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5 Reasons Why Facebook Stories are the Future of Social Media Marketing

Since its inception, Facebook has always been open to constant transformation and updates based on user preferences and latest social media trends. And that’s probably why this platform is still relevant despite many other social media channels having entered the picture. So, following the immense popularity of the “stories” feature on its contemporary social media platforms – including Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp – Facebook also introduced its own “stories” function, enabling users to post their stories for short periods of time. Today, Facebook stories is estimated to be used daily by approximately 500 million users across the globe. With its visually appealing nature and exciting features, the Facebook stories feature is fast expanding to accommodate small- and large-scale businesses into its arena. In this blog, we take a look at 5 reasons why it’s a good idea for a social media advertising agency to incorporate Facebook stories as part of its business marketing strategy.

1. It's the First Thing You See When You Log In!

Often, Facebook users may not have the time to scan through their entire news-feeds. Located right at the top of your news-feed, their prime location allows Facebook stories to be instantly noticed by users as soon as they log in. And what instantly captivates your attention is most likely to stay on with you. So the information presented to the target group in the form of crisp but visually-rich stories is often more likely to convey the message than status updates on the timeline of one’s business page.

2. Appealing to the Visual Senses

The visual medium is one of the most impactful means of attracting audiences and generating leads. A well-created design always stands out amidst the crowd and has the potential to drive the target group to your page. Facebook stories may comprise visual content in different forms – including still photos, live images, videos, boomerangs, creative copy and slideshows – which makes it possible for businesses to freely experiment with creativity while effectively driving home the point.

3. Make Way For New Features!

Facebook stories are more than just a collection of short-lived pictures and videos. They also consist of other exciting features that make this process extremely interactive. For instance, the ‘poll’ feature allows users to post questions with polling options on their stories. Businesses could apply this feature to their campaigns by asking viewers their opinions on a certain product or service; taking a consumer satisfaction survey (with different percentages or levels of satisfaction to choose from); conducting fun quizzes; asking close-ended ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ questions to gauge the consumer anticipation levels for a product/service; and other similar trivia. This considerably helps to encourage two-way interactions between businesses and their audiences.

4. A Sneak Peek Into the Company's Work Culture

A company’s work culture speaks volumes about its commitment levels and general goodwill. And social media is one of the most effective ways for a company to display its work culture to clients and prospect employees. While status updates regarding important company events and everyday activities are still relevant, Facebook stories offer a more innovative and casual platform for the same. A lot of times, companies may want their followers to take a sneak peek into what a typical day at their company looks like, fun at work activities, employees in action or simply a quick light moment amidst tight schedules. However, since most such updates are relevant only to a specific time-period, businesses may not want their timelines flooded with these status updates. Your 24-hour Facebook stories provide the perfect solution! Facebook stories representing work-culture can be as creative as they’re concise – with captivating features like quick boomerangs of employees at work; group pictures; short employee and client testimonials; celebrating employee birthdays and anniversaries; calling out the employee of the month/quarter and announcing special achievements. Such stories establish a sense of trust and transparency between a business and its clients.

5. You Know Exactly Who's Interested

That’s another key reason why Facebook stories should be a part of the digital marketing strategies offered by an agency. Facebook stories allow the uploader to know who has been viewing your updates. Then, based on this information, one can segregate viewers who have actively engaged with the story (in the form of reactions, comments, poll responses etc.) from the ones who have passively viewed the same. This helps a company to gauge the extent to which viewers take active interest in its products or services.

While the Facebook stories feature is a relatively new social media trend, it has certainly taken off in a big way not only amongst individuals, but also small and large industries, businesses and startups. A number of digital marketing firms in India are now incorporating Facebook stories as an important part of their social media campaigns. In the modern era of ‘short and sweet’, concise and catchy stories are definitely the social media mantras.

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