How Brands Fooled Us This April Fool's Day

April 8, 2019


Even though April Fool's Day was a week ago, it will always be known as a time when brands con their customers into believing their most outrageous offers and products. Take a look at how these brands managed to fool their consumers!


Ola Restroom


When an Ola mobile restroom video went viral on social media, few realized it was an April Fool’s Day prank video. Ola released this ad with a hashtag #NoPressure which was well appreciated by netizens. The prank was part of the crowdfunding campaign to facilitate sanitation across India. One can now opt to donate ₹1/ per ride to, the organization that is building toilets across India. Now this is a prank that we can get behind!





Netflix India went a little deep with their April Fool’s prank. Ever since Season 1 of Sacred Games ended, Netflix has been silent about the release date of Season 2. So when this tweet came out, fans automatically thought it referred to the upcoming season.


However, on March 31st, the Twitter account unveiled a teaser clip featuring the Sacred Games cast and announcing that the popular 90’s sitcom FRIENDS is now streaming on Netflix. Guess no one told us life was going to be this way.




The online dating platform announced a new feature to be added to the app called the ‘Tinder Height Verification Badge’ which, luckily, turned out to be an April Fool’s joke.


One Plus


One Plus joined the band wagon of jokesters by putting up a post on Twitter that shows the silhouette of a car with the caption, ‘Coming Soon’. In a series of tweets, OnePlus said that it is launching its own electric car called the ‘Warp Car’.



The company then went to explain the car's innovative features like gesture-based controls, airplane mode, and the Warp Car charge feature that can fully charge the car in just 20 minutes. However, this didn’t last long as the Twitterati correctly called out the brand’s April Fool’s Day prank.



Kingfisher’s Instant Beer


Kingfisher put up an April Fools’ prank with Kingfisher Instant Beer Mix- packet mixes that can be had anytime and anywhere! The campaign went viral and set the digital space ablaze with over half a million views in 48 hours across social platforms and over 70,000 shares. The microsite garnered over 34,000 registrations for samples.



It’s amazing how we as informed and savvy consumers manage to fall for some of these every year. The best brands do know how to put their digital marketing strategy to use in catching a consumer unaware. Let us know which one of these you thought was real!

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