Graphic Design: 5 Essential Best Practices

March 25, 2019


During the process of content creation, written content and visuals work hand in hand to give life to the final product. It’s a shame when visual art gets downplayed or sidelined by other forms of content because it’s usually art that attracts and retains you’re a large majority of an audience. Most brands that have a strong impact have brilliant design systems in place because they know the immediate power of colour and visuals.  


Whether you’re working on your brand’s website layout or marketing pieces, apply these essential best practices to nail smart and succinct design:


Keep It Simple


One of the golden rules of graphic design that has rarely been proved wrong is the concept of keeping things simple and uncomplicated. A simple design can communicate your message much more effectively. Don’t overcrowd your design piece with different kinds of elements, making it a convoluted collection of colours and fonts. Remember that white space is a good thing.


Understanding Colour Choices


Use colour with extreme care to evoke the desired emotions in your viewer. Stick with a colour scheme that involves two to three colours - any more than that and your design can start to look like a mess. Try to stick with one colour for fonts and one for the main body of the text.


While complementary colours bring a higher emotion to your design, warm colours ignite feelings of passion and cool colours have a calming effect.  


Typography Tips


Certain types of fonts go with certain brands, products and services. When you mix the wrong font with the wrong product, the results can be disastrous. Imagine the Nike slogan written in cursive handwriting?


Use font that is clear and device independent. A font that looks elegant on a billboard may not look as good on a smartphone. You would lose mobile viewers automatically. Another piece of advice is not to use more than two different fonts - one type to emphasize the headings and the other for the main content. Try using only two font sizes to avoid as well confusion.


Design Flow


A good design flow will make it easier for the viewer to understand your visuals and comprehend it in the correct way. A clean layout will not block the design flow at any point, allowing you to send your brand’s message across clearly.


Know Your Audience


Every image, block of text, and colour you choose for your designs must offer some benefit to your audience. Each element needs to inspire a viewer in some way – it will be different for different people but that’s okay.


Let your design speak volumes for you and watch as your brand’s digital marketing strategy grows and leads to the production of great imagery!

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