AI & the Changing Face of Content Marketing

February 22, 2019


The power of artificial intelligence is growing by leaps and bounds every day. Machine learning software enables marketers to take care of tasks such as marketing automation and analyzing competitors’ brand searches, make sense of overwhelming amounts of data, and deliver high-quality results. Ultimately, better customer experiences are assured for clients.


How is AI changing the content marketing landscape? Let’s have a look at a few ways in which content creation is being done and content overload is being handled by AI:


Automatic Generation of Content

Companies like Yahoo and Facebook and news organizations like Associated Press have been generating automated content for years now. Simple stories, reports and updates can be created by AI. Anything else that requires more insight or application of context is still out of machine learning’s reach for now.


Predictive Intelligence

Making businesses more efficient in understanding their customers’ individual needs for relevant content, predictive intelligence positively affects lead scoring—a points system used to calculate your position in the buyer journey. Once a marketer knows which type of content to target, the audience will automatically respond favourably and this will result in a better ROI for a business.


Chatbot Usage

Computer programs that engage in conversations with customers and users to better the overall customer service experience are called chatbots and are already a very common feature on most apps and websites. A business can provide content to an audience in the form of a chatbot because the customer is receiving the exact information that he or she wants when interacting with a chatbot.


Text Mining for Keywords

An application of AI that absorbs content to classify and categorize it is called text mining. With text mining, it’s possible to quickly and efficiently find SEO-friendly content topics when developing new content around your reverse-engineered keyword. This also improves chances of success with organic search.


Marketers today, whether it’s a digital marketing agency in India or a marketing team in the US, have to learn the ropes of AI and its applications to digital marketing and content marketing.


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