What Current Digital Media Consumption Means For Digital Marketing

January 22, 2019


The way we consume media, all around the world, has significantly changed in recent times. Increasingly moving towards a digital format, people now have greater access to media content of any type - be it information, entertainment or social activity – anytime and anywhere. A marked rise in digital media players such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Hotstar, etc perfectly shows the jump from traditional media to new (digital) media.


The shift in media consumption has affected many other areas including digital marketing. For instance, digital marketing strategies used to include platforms like text messaging, interactive kiosks and television as primary ad platforms. But now digital marketers have had to completely rethink their content creation strategies to include mobile marketing and social media platforms that didn’t even exist ten years ago such as Facebook and Instagram.


Marketers need to be aware of a few important things driving the revolution in digital marketing alongside the changing habits of media consumption.


Mobile Devices Driving Digital Consumption


Among digital devices, mobile devices have taken over as the preferred medium of consuming online media. Specifically, the smartphone market has seen an unprecedented growth in the last 5 years. This has made it much easier for consumers to access music and video content on the go.


The increasing popularity of digital media has caused a paradigm shift in global marketing spends. Marketers are following changing trends and increasingly allocating their budget towards digital mediums. Spending on digital media as a percentage of total advertising spend is expected to increase from 28% in 2015 to 36% by 2020. There’s room for this to happen mainly because traditional mediums of marketing are being done away with.


The Position of Television


The television used to be a ‘passive’ form of entertainment in the sense that a channel would show a designated program according to their schedule and timing while the viewer simply watched the curated content. But now, the television is a part of an ‘active’ form of entertainment where the user makes an active choice to catch the latest episode of a show or watch a film at his or her convenience.


So how can brands take part in this digital media experience? Marketers have to understand that ‘watching’ TV is no longer just an activity where the user consumes content. Viewers can shop, chat with friends, play games and interact and purchase from their favourite brands at the same time. Brands now have the opportunity to take their relationship with customers to the next level. But just as on mobile, the challenge is to ensure that app users on television get good experiences and relevant, optimized content.


Growth of Social Media


With billions of active users every month, social media has definitely changed the way we consume content. From users getting their news from platforms like Facebook and Twitter, shopping on Pinterest and Instagram and watching tutorials on IGTV and YouTube, social media is clearly ruling the roost here.


Millennials are leading the pack in terms of adoption of social media as the main means of media consumption. Digital marketers are continually designing engaging content that speaks to millennial audiences on social media - speaking to the hearts of audiences in order to clearly resonate with them and form a connection. The success of a social marketing campaign depends on how relevant the content is to the audience.


Live Video


A trend that continues to explode, live video streaming is something that all brands are utilizing in their digital marketing campaigns. Reaching out to consumers in a friendly and unscripted way increases the brand’s chances of improving engagement rates with their audiences. Video content can also be creatively re-purposed into, for example, email marketing collateral.


It’s up to digital marketers to keep up with new media consumption platforms and know what works best for their brand. As more and more media consumption happens on digital media, establishing the right business model for your brand will be critical to its success in this digital landscape.

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