2019 Diwali Social Media Campaigns That Lit Up Our Feeds and Hearts With Their Brilliant Ideas

November 15, 2019


“Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light,” said Albus Dumbledore, the adorable headmaster from J.K. Rowling’s chef d’oeuvre, Harry Potter.

In India, Diwali is our gentle reminder to illuminate our external and internal worlds by lighting the lamps of wisdom and love and peace. And peace also implies a shift in focus from the noise and air pollution caused by firecrackers and an emphasis on the virtues of forgiveness, kindness and social awareness.
This Diwali, social media festive campaigns by leading Indian brands revolved around some rather unconventional themes as a means to reach out to their niche audiences and spread the light. We have put together a comprehensive recap of all the innovative and enjoyable Diwali ad campaigns that leading businesses and digital marketing agencies in India came up with this year:


1. OnePlus X Snapchat: Taking Diwali to the World

No matter what part of the world one might reside in, Diwali is the occasion that reunites the entire family and symbolizes homecoming. However, OnePlus X Snapchat took this emotion one step ahead and drew our attention to the possibility of enjoying this occasion even while being in another country and surrounded by a different culture.



“Diwali is a part of us,” the ad states, even as it showcases different monuments in London and Paris not only captured most authentically but also lit up immaculately in shimmering hues by the OnePlus X Snapchat filter. In addition to spreading the Diwali vibes to desis settled abroad, the ad also seeks to enlighten (literally!) the world about this beautiful festival.

2. Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance: The Tragic Behind-the-Scenes of Fireworks

Bursting crackers on the occasion of the festival of lights has been the norm since time immemorial in India. However, behind the momentary luminescence afforded by these crackers is a dark, gruesome reality that not many want to talk about or even acknowledge.


In this heartbreaking commercial, we are introduced to a child named Chintu, who opens a box containing rassi bomb, a popular Diwali firecracker. As he describes the horrifying conditions in which he has manufactured these crackers, we come face-to-face with the ugly and exploitative racket of child labour that is concealed beneath the superficial extravagance of firecrackers. We hope that India’s privileged classes take the cue from Bajaj’s initiative and substitute the momentary highs of bursting crackers with the true bliss of contributing to a better world.

3. Vodafone: “Words, Not Forwards…”


While WhatsApp and other chat platforms have facilitated unimaginably quick and efficient communication, the world is unfortunately affected by over-communication and a decrease in personal touch and bonding.In Vodafone’s Diwali ad, when grandma receives a custom text message from her grandson on Diwali, she decides to break the chain of forwards and sends him a personalized wish instead. What follows strongly establishes one’s faith in personal, one-on-one interactions.

With this “awwwsome” and heart-warming commercial, Vodafone seeks to rekindle the true meaning of wishing a loved one during a special occasion. 

4. Zomato: “Life Lessons to Learn From Mithai”

The popular adage goes that the way to one’s heart is through one’s stomach. And if the food additionally satisfies the tongue with its sweetness, what more can one ask for? Zomato’s delectable social media campaign seeks to tap this very idea. Their out-of-the-box campaign presenting some commendable “life-lessons” to learn from different Indian sweets was literally the sweetest Diwali post on Instagram this year!













Every year, leading brands and social media advertising agencies come up with remarkably brilliant ideas to wish followers and clients on festive occasions. But ads that stand out are the ones that are sensitive towards the society in which they function and strive to do their bit in making a difference.

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