A Round-Up of Holiday Marketing Campaigns That Hit the Mark

December 31, 2018


The festive season of Christmas and the New Year is a time for joy, sharing and making new resolutions (which you hope to really follow) for the next year. It’s also how brands connect with their audiences at this time of year – bundling up all the season’s feelings in a positive, warm and fuzzy way.


With 2019 just around the corner, we’ve rounded up a few holiday marketing campaigns that give their customers fresh and interesting perspectives to meet new challenges in the upcoming year - in the best possible way!


Focusing on Fitness & Health


Fitness and health brands really try to get people on board the ‘exercise’ and ‘good health’ train during December and January (when people are still trying to fulfil their resolutions). Most of the time, these types of campaigns fall flat and don’t make people feel inclusive. Creative and memorable marketing campaigns make room for a more understanding and positive atmosphere that would motivate people in a much better way to treat their health as a priority.


A US-based gym Blink Fitness rolled out a marketing campaign featuring 16 of Blink's very own gym members of varying shapes and sizes, with one common thread: self-confidence. As most people find it hard to achieve unrealistic body images, as seen in the media, these kinds of ‘body positive’ messages make for genuine campaigns.


 Source: Blink Fitness


Another example of confronting real-life challenges in a practical campaign would be the ‘Commit to Something’ campaign by US-based gym and lifestyle brand Equinox. Encouraging people to change their lifestyle and thoughts in the New Year, the brand chose to be confrontational about various misconceptions in society.

“The Lexington School for the Deaf cheer squad know that commitment is more than what you say, it’s what you do.”



The Theme of New Year Resolutions


What’s a new year without resolutions? Whether or not they’re followed the whole year through, people still like to focus on something concrete to start off the year.


One example of a brand’s digital marketing campaign, based on resolutions, is by VIP bags. It’s simple and concise.



And here is another one by Baskin Robbins – focusing on people’s never-ending love for their product!




A Time To Quit Bad Habits


The start of a new year calls for quitting bad habits that ruin our health or anything that stops us from achieving our full potential.


‘The Coughing Billboard’ by Swedish Pharmacy Hjärtat is one example of a fantastic marketing campaign that tries to encourage people to give up smoking in the New Year. It’s immersive and attention-worthy enough to make people stop in their tracks.


Another campaign in the U.K that really kicked off was the ‘Dry January’ campaign. Statistics show that alcohol is the UK's biggest risk factor for death, ill-health and disability for people aged 15-49, and alcohol related harm costs England around £21 billion per year. The campaign encourages people to give up alcohol for a month, thereby, helping them to consider their drinking habits and the consequences.


Holiday marketing campaigns have very specific objectives to achieve in terms of driving traffic to your holiday content and increasing positive sentiments among your audience while leaving aside the hard sell.  Even so, the campaigns that resonate and stay with customers throughout the year are the ones that truly understand the spirit and humanity of the season.


This is exactly the reason how John Lewis & Partners - one of the leading retail businesses in the United Kingdom - executes touching and profound Christmas campaigns every year, without fail. This year’s campaign highlights the great difference that a gift can bring to a person's life.



Signing off here, we'd like to say two things: we wonder what 2019 has in store for the world of digital marketing and we'd love to wish all our readers a very happy and exciting New Year 2019!

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