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SEO Trends For 2019: What To Look Out For

In the ever-changing environment of SEO, online marketers need to keep identifying and adapting to the latest trends. With the internet being the primary place for customers to buy goods and services, Google has top authority in introducing and controlling trends that, ultimately, decides the online presence of a business.

Working out a digital marketing action plan based on the latest SEO trends could take your brand a long way in staying ahead of Google. Here are the trends that we think should be explored before investing in SEO efforts and a campaign strategy for 2019:

Voice Search Domination

Voice search refers to users using their voice via a device, usually a phone or home assistant such as Google Home, to make a query. This kind of technology is becoming a key part of our lives now.

Google claims that 50 percent of searches will be conducted using voice search by 2020.If consumers are increasingly using voice search to gain information, optimizing your site in this direction makes sense. It’s clear from Google’s Search Quality Rating Guidelines that they want voice search results to be very brief and to-the-point.

When it comes to content, information that is easy to read and comprehend performs better in voice search. Finding and using keywords that are 7 to 9 words - keywords which people are most likely to use in conversations - and containing a question will ensure that voice search is optimized correctly.

Video Optimization

Video is everywhere and this is both a blessing and a curse, especially if you’re trying to stand out from the rest of the crowd at the top of search engine results pages.

Having visual and video content (explainer, instructional and user videos are the most popular) on your website’s landing page is a great way to attract more organic traffic without actively focusing on promotions. Video content marketing statistics have found that video content can contribute to a 157% increase in organic traffic for your landing pages.

As more and more people are spending a lot of time on videos, it’s practical to balance out an SEO strategy to include text-filled pages with moving content that translates into a higher click-through rate.

Mobile First Indexing

At the start of 2018, Google rolled out mobile first indexing in order to encourage brands to start embracing a mobile-first perspective. It wasn’t an option anymore to ‘probably have’ responsive web design and mobile search optimization. It was now becoming an imperative need and requirement.

Now, Google first crawls a website’s mobile web pages to establish its search engine rankings before it crawls desktop web pages. This switch from treating a brand’s desktop website as its primary website to its secondary website speaks a lot about online competition and long-term planning. It’s not that a brand has to only think of mobile but a brand definitely has to understand that its search engine ranking may suffer if it doesn’t take mobile first indexing practices seriously.

Page Speed

A desktop website’s page loading time has long been a ranking factor for Google and, in the past year, a website page’s speed became a ranking factor for mobile as well.

Now, both for desktop and mobile, it’s graded according to two different metrics: Optimization and, a new one, Speed. Page speed evaluation is a crucial trend to follow in 2019 because it directly links to a high user experience – something that Google is very focused on delivering.

While Google is testing how a Speed score is generated (being a very new metric), brand’s can work on their Optimization Score by simply fixing all the issues that prevent a website from loading quickly. Currently, it’s also Optimization that has the stronger influence on rankings.

Quality Content Development

The powerful influence of content on a website’s search engine rankings is a well-known fact and this is a trend that won’t change going into 2019. The production of content is a core business model in SEO marketing. It’s a positive activity but, at the same time, brands should focus specifically on creating high-quality, long-form and in-depth content and shouldn’t settle for mediocre or dry content that exists just for the sake of the website.

With Google intensifying its focus on evaluating the quality of all the aspects of a website’s content, creating content that solves problems and connects with people should be a top priority in a brand’s content marketing strategy.

The SEO landscape for the next year seems to revolve around enriching user and content experiences whilst delivering solutions in the quickest way possible. Search engine optimization services should explore how video content is taking the front seat and brands are ‘moving towards mobile’. Looking at things collectively, there are a lot of new discoveries to keep a track of in 2019.

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