Instagram Nametags To Create Better Connections & Communication

October 9, 2018


Instagram is already known for being a highly visual platform and, with the recent introduction of Nametags, this specific feature has just been further emphasized. According to the official Instagram blog,


“Nametag is a customizable identification card that allows people to find your Instagram profile when it’s scanned. Your nametag is uniquely yours and makes it quick and fun to add people and accounts you discover in person.”


While following the concept of a QR Code, Instagram’s nametag involves a greater depth of customization and creativity than the generic QR code square with black dots. The nametag contains your handle and a picture, if you choose. You can also customize the background with different colours, emojis, or ‘selfies’.


The Instagram Nametag is also very similar to Snapchat’s Snapcode.  Instagram’s reason for launching this feature, however, is to primarily ensure that connecting and sharing experiences with friends becomes even easier. Imagine you just meet someone and want to follow them but it’s a lot of effort to remember their Instagram handle? A nametag solves issues related to meeting new people and building communities.


How Do Nametags Work?


When you scan a nametag, you’re taken directly to that person’s Instagram profile. There’s no searching for the name of a person anymore – just directly scan a nametag and you’re take to the person or brand’s profile. The nametag can also be shared through text messages and over other platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp.


How Can Brands Make Use of a Nametag?


There are many areas where a brand can use a nametag to increase and improve its social media marketing strategy:


- A business can, firstly, use it on their feed or story. This can be used on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and on any other social media platform.


- Using it on running gear for a marathon or charity fundraiser or printing it on a poster or business card at a pop-up event are very good ideas for large scale exposure. Since it’s a visual element, it will automatically stand out and grasp people’s attention. Those are then interested in finding more about the brand or event can then scan the nametag using their Instagram app to view the brand’s Instagram account.


- Displaying the nametag in one’s email signature, on the company website, or on company memorabilia also help in catching people’s attention.


These are just a few nametag promotional ideas that a brand could follow in order to drive engagement with its audience - followers and prospective followers. But whether it’s being used by a user or a brand, one thing’s for sure: communicating and making connections through Instagram is definitely getting a lot simpler.


Nametag is available globally on both Android and iOS.

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