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Facebook’s 'Watch Party' Feature To Increase Video Participation In Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups around the world have something really exciting to look forward to! Facebook had been testing a communal video viewing option for groups for quite some time now and has finally launched their ‘Watch Party’ feature. This feature will allow people to watch and discuss video content on Facebook together in real-time.

According to the official announcement by Facebook on their blog,

“Once a Watch Party is started, participants can watch videos, live or recorded, and interact with one another around them in the same moment. We’ve been focused on building new ways to bring people together around video, create connections, and ignite conversations; Watch Party is the next step in bringing this vision to life.”

Since mostly all user engagement has shifted to watching and sharing videos, this kind of a feature is sure to open up new ways of online socializing. The aim of Watch Party is not to just focus on the creator of the video but rather enhance community engagement. People want to connect with each other even more now; as a result, one can see thousands of comments on any kind of video – from cute animal videos to videos about learning new things like a workout technique or musical skills, or videos made by a brand about a new product. Asking questions and having them answered by the creator or host of the video is something that is expected and appreciated by all users universally. The Watch Party feature caters to all Facebook groups, big and small. Basically, any community that wants to be more connected with its members will make positive use of this feature.

Keeping in mind the need to offer something new to its users, Facebook has identified two key features based on community testing feedback:

(i) A Co-hosting feature

This feature lets the host of a Watch Party designate other co-hosts who can add videos and keep the party going.

(ii) A Crowdsourcing feature

This feature lets anyone in a Watch Party suggest videos for the host to add to the Watch Party.

While Facebook is now starting to test the ability for people to start Watch Parties with friends outside of groups, they are also set to explore Watch Parties for Pages in the future as well. This would definitely increase the level of engagement and interest among digital viewers who want more real-time discussion and participation around video content

The ultimate focus of Watch Party has been perfectly summed up by the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg:

“Time spent is not a goal by itself. We want the time people spend on Facebook to encourage meaningful social interactions. So we’re going to focus our products on all the ways to build community around the video that people share and watch. That’s something Facebook can uniquely do.”

To get a clear idea of how ‘Watch Party’ works, watch this video here.

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