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Facebook’s Entry Into The Music Space Speaks Volumes About Its Business Strategy

It’s no coincidence that Facebook’s strategic move into the music fray was timed with the occasion of World Music Day celebrated worldwide on June 21st. Earlier this month, Facebook announced the addition of new music features that include simpler ways to add music to uploaded videos. However, the feature that has got the most buzz is Lip Sync Live which allows a user to lip sync to popular songs when starting a Live video.

According to a Facebook blog, the steps are really simple:

  • Choose the Lip Sync Live option when starting your Live video. After selecting a song from the song list, you can also add a description and customise your video with masks or a background.

  • When broadcasting with Lip Sync Live, friends will see the artist and song highlighted on the video and can tap to follow the artist on Facebook.

This kind of move seems to have been a plan of Facebook’s for quite some time. Since January, the social media giant has been in talks with a number of music licensing corporations such as Universal and Warner Music Groups, Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Global Music Rights, and more.

What works positively for The Social Network is having Tamara Hrivnak as their Head of Music Business Development and Partnerships. Her expansive knowledge in the area of merging digital and social media - 8 years at Warner Music Group and several years as the Director of Music Partnerships at YouTube and GooglePlay – would’ve most definitely guided Facebook through any hurdles they faced because of music copyright issues.

When asked about the company’s surprising move in to the music space, Hrivnak had this to say:

“There was a distinct pivot when Facebook became interested in music, and it’s not a coincidence. Mark [Zuckerberg, CEO] has been very open that he sees video as an important part of the future of Facebook, and building the products that are great at connecting people through video is important. Music, film, TV, sports all become more important in world centred around video.”

Apart from the connection of these new music features with World Music Day, many observers have speculated whether this is also a move to oust Musical.ly, the original lip sync application. As a matter of fact, just days after Facebook launched Lip Sync Live, Musical.ly disabled its standalone live-streaming app, Live.ly. Merging Live.ly with the main app, Musical.ly probably wants to consolidate and focus on its flagship product in this uncertain business climate.

Bringing people together is more important than ever today. Keeping in mind catastrophic events that are happening all over the world, music is and has always been a binding force of positivity and unity. When social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram introduce such features to their users, it’s a great initiative because brands can now easily start conversations and become closer to their audiences with the help of music.

Happy World Music Day!

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