Instagram Expands Shopping Tags To Reach Instagram Stories

June 15, 2018


In March 2018, Instagram had expanded its Shopping Tags feature to include a product description and price. This feature has moved one step ahead into the realm of Instagram Stories. Selected brands can now use Shopping Tags in their Instagram Stories for audiences to explore.


It was Instagram’s potential as a viable eCommerce platform that captured the initial focus of businesses. Now, important developments are being made within Instagram itself to optimise this potential. As of November 2017, Stories has over 300 million daily active users. This means that approximately 60% of Instagram’s 500 million daily active users are also viewing or publishing Instagram Stories content. Keeping these statistics in mind, it’s only natural that anything and everything has to be done in connection with Stories to make more of an impact on Instagram.


As explained on the Instagram blog:


Instagram isn’t just a place of inspiration, it’s also a place of action, and we know that inspiration can come from anywhere.


With Instagram Stories, the call-to-action aspect of Shopping Tags is highlighted and is much stronger than seeing just an image with Shopping Tags in one’s Feed. A brand can do so much with Stories – tell their audience how their product is made, share their brand story, announce contests, giveaways and new products, ask their audience questions, and much more. By using features such as GIFs, stickers and different video styles, a brand can innovatively draw in an audience and keep them engaged. It is also much smoother and simpler to be updated with a brand’s progress by watching their Stories than checking their Feed. While a brand’s Feed gives an audience an idea of the brand in totality, Stories allow users to really relate to a brand. Instagrammers of today really appreciate this real and ‘in-the-moment’ content. It’s the best way for a brand to get closer to its audience.


Currently, this new feature is open to only a few selected brands. A roll-out of this new addition to all businesses is something to watch out for in the future. As more brands take note of Instagram’s potential and its increasing role in social marketing, the social media platform is all set to establish itself more deeply as a mover in the eCommerce industry.



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