Google Launches Reach Planner for YouTube and Video Ad Planning

April 10, 2018


Video campaigns are great for all kinds of businesses that want to advertise their videos across YouTube and the Google Display Network. They are highly recommended for all Adwords advertisers. Now, Google is introducing a new planning tool called the Reach Planner which will assist YouTube and video ad forecasting in Adwords. The tool will work on all video campaigns that run on the Google Display Network.


Reach Planner will collect information based on a combination of marketing inputs, ad preferences, and budget. Based on the data found, which is unique to each brand, an advertiser can anticipate the frequency and reach of video campaigns on YouTube and Google video partner platforms.


Reach Planner can assist with data research related to other areas as well. Core audience and target group, the types of devices being used, and the best video format an advertiser should use for their video are areas which will receive enhancement.


Currently in its beta version, advertisers in 50 countries will have access to this tool. If a business would like to access the beta version, they can do so by contacting their Google Sales Representative.


You can read the original article here.

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