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Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing: The Future Ahead

It is said that a meeting of similar minds at a summer workshop in Dartmouth University in 1956 gave rise to a revolutionary area of study that is changing our lives more and more every day. The study in question is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Quintessential images of robots and highly-evolved beings come to mind whenever Artificial Intelligence is spoken about. But, behind the media’s portrayal of AI, what exactly is Artificial Intelligence?

“It is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. It is related to the similar task of using computers to understand human intelligence, but AI does not have to confine itself to methods that are biologically observable”.

As can be seen today, AI research and technology has permeated to the workings of all kinds of industries including transport, healthcare, aviation, and banking.

The application of AI in digital marketing is varied with some areas showcasing changes more than other areas. But the possibilities that lay ahead are endless. Here are a few effects of Artificial Intelligence on digital marketing:

1. Enhancing a Consumer’s Experience

Customer satisfaction and customer engagement should always be a priority for a business. With the introduction of ‘Chatbots’ to messaging platforms, customer support services have greatly benefited. Now, an automated response system can tackle a customer’s queries and complaints, record information and is available full-time. Implementing chatbots or similar AI technology into a marketing strategy is what most businesses are doing now.

2. Improving the Area of Predictive Analytics

Knowing how a customer will react to a product or service before a business even starts studying the behaviour patterns of a consumer is the basic goal of predictive analytics. Tools such as the Adobe Predictive Analytics tool analyse such information and create models which can be then executed by businesses in their business decisions. With this kind of system in place, the organisation and task flow in a business would also be greatly amplified.

3. Content Marketing with a Tinge of AI

Yes, AI-powered tools that can create content do exist. Such systems are currently creating content for huge businesses like IBM, Facebook and Google. However, this type of content creation is purely data-focused and it doesn’t sound organic or ‘human’. Content of this sort would be ideal to boost content based on hardcore information. All in all, creating content for specific audiences or for niche purposes still belongs to the humans.

4. Personalised Advertising

Studies have found that personalised ads motivate 70% of consumers to purchase products and services. But catering to the needs of each and every customer is difficult to do. With the assistance of AI, customised marketing is possible and consumers can be connected with advertisements that are applicable to them as well receive impactful messages.

If one were to consider the boom in social media usage and the amount of information available on the internet, they both contribute to the fact that Artificial Intelligence is here to stay because there is so much data to worth with. In the days to come, we would surely be seeing more instances of the impact of AI on digital marketing.

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