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Facebook Upgrades Its Call-To-Action Buttons, Big Changes Ahead

Facebook has announced some significant changes to its call-to-action buttons, including a new Messenger and third-party integrations. Also, it will be rolling out a new recommendation feature that could benefit your business Facebook by helping more people discover it.

Let’s look at the three changes that the social media giant is coming up with:

1. To simplify activities for the customer like ordering food and booking appointments, Facebook is introducing new call-to-action button integrations with third parties. There are 3 kinds of buttons:

  • The ‘Start Order’ button lets customers place their orders via Slice or delivery.com.

  • The ‘Book Now’ button helps customers book appointments with your business via MyTime, HomeAdvisor, and other services.

  • The ‘Buy Tickets’ button lets customers buy tickets to your events via Ticketmaster or Eventbrite.

  • The ‘See Showtimes’ button enables customers to see show times and schedules before buying tickets via Fandango.

To get these integrations for your business, all you have to do is update your call-to-action button and add a third-party service.

2. Three new call-to-action buttons have been added and integrated with Messenger. This means that whenever someone clicks on these buttons, a new Messenger thread will be created. The 3 new buttons are:

  • Request Time where customers can request a booking (only available in the U.S. if you’ve added a Services section to your Page).

  • Get Quote - Customers can request a quote for your service.

Shop Now - Customers can see your showcased products and buy from the Shop section (Facebook is soon going to let you tag posts with products from the Shop section).

3. Facebook has implemented a new recommendations feature that can be turned on every time you write a Facebook post. This feature lets your Facebook friends and family leave comments and suggestions whenever you are having problems deciding on a place to visit, food to eat, things to do and so on. This also includes an option to let them mention a relevant Facebook page with their comment and even add their recommendations to a map.

If you have a business Facebook page, the smart thing to do would be to take some time out and completely fill the information section for your page so that people can easily find you if you earn a recommendation.

These changes have already started rolling out in the U.S. and would be coming to India soon. Isn’t this some exciting news for marketers?

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