Snapchat: Advertising and its shenanigans!

March 9, 2017


Since the epitome of social media into the ad world, there has not been any brand that has been able to sway away from the reach of the ad services. The newest and the latest entry to this umbrella of ad space providers on social media is Snapchat, and a lot of brands have not yet come around towards finding the perfect spot as far as the advertising is concerned.


While advertising on Facebook and other social media is relatively easy, advertising on Snapchat could be a tricky affair. Millennials occupy the maximum chunk of users on it; this becomes one of the primary reasons for the brands to not be able to advertise or function as smoothly as the other social media platforms. The milllenials aren’t really interested in the advertising and do not pay a lot of attention towards them. Speaking in their style, nearly one/fifth of them “hates” the ads and the remaining actually doesn’t understand the ads. They also are a generation that are used to having everything at a fast rate without any stoppages or road blocks; which is why advertising is considered as road block by them and mostly ignored or refined out of their view. As the complexity of the target audience is at its proximity, it becomes difficult for brands to advertise on such a platform and results in improper or failed campaigns.

Here are some ill practices that can be avoided:


Retain ad originality


Snapchat is a medium that thrives on videos as we all know; your ad would also mostly be in the video format. But what you have to keep in mind is that these ads should not resemble the ads you play as commercials on TV. The brands should focus on creating content from scratch, it should be tailor made according to the platform as the target audience differs from platform to platform. As there are very few users that don’t go ahead and block the ads, it is important to treasure the audience and treat them with paramount importance.


Absolute absence


Any kind of movement is considered to be a positive move as compared to absolute absence of movement. The same concept applies to Snapchat advertising to some extent, absolute absence from the platform would not benefit your brand in any way. This would be one of the biggest missteps in your marketing moves. There are very few brands that actually advertise on this platform, this is also with regards to the fact that the millennials are a big part of the target audience. Brands are too scared to step into such a dicey space. It would be probably be a good idea to invest and have a small period of trial and error.


Simple buying process


Complicated buying processes are a turnoff for any customer or viewer on the app. Once an individual has clicked on your ad, he/she should not get deviated backwards due to a lack of efficiency in your steps leading to the product purchase page. The simpler the process, the higher are the chances of the customer actually completing all the steps. If you’re offering a discount code or coupon, you must not make the switch between various platforms, like mail or SMS, to get the discount code. If obtaining the code is a troublesome process, than most customer would probably not go ahead with it.


So, now you know what not to do if you’re planning to expand your advertising to the Snapchat platform. Another tip would probably be to keep it as simple as possible when it comes to the advertising or the process leading to brand purchase! Kudos! 

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