Marketing Budget: Make digital marketing your priority!

February 15, 2017


Digital marketing is by far the fastest growing marketing channel and has expanded substantially over the past few years. It has evolved at a very high rate and has become an important part of most of the marketing campaigns and plans. With the evolution in the digital world and the rapid increase in the use of digital technology among various audiences, this change was bound to take place and was one of the predicted evolutions volution in the field of marketing. It now commands significant allocation in most marketing budgets.
Here are some reasons why it has gained so much importance:



Focal contact point


Offline marketing is something that restricts the audience to a single channel approach; digital marketing on the other hand is a multi channel approach. This enables the audience to interact with the brand, creates a personal relationship between the brand and the audience and gives the brand a much needed persona. For example a hoarding, print ad or a TV commercial does not give the audience a contact point, whereas digital ads always have one for the audience.


Decrease in ad spends


As compared to that of an offline marketing campaign the budget for a digital campaign would be quite low. Within the digital spectrum of things the cost has a lot of various aspects. Google as we know is the base of all the digital ads and campaigns; the ads with Google are something that can cost you more as compared to social media ads. Even within the social media ads there are a lot of different cost plans, for example cost per clicks maybe cheaper as compared to the cost per impression. This benefits you as you have some assurance that your ads won’t be wasted and will reap some value.


Brand building


Digital campaigns can also be used in the long run to build a brand identity, and to nurture and grow the brand. It helps the brand register a certain image in the mind of the audience. This helps the brand counter competition that emerges all the time. It might sound a little weird with regard to the speedy nature of the digital format, but with growth in competition and the steps an individual has to take before actually buying a product, the brand image and identity becomes of utmost importance as it builds a trust factor with the audience.




There is always an ongoing debate between the client, the audience and the agency whether digital campaigns actually drive leads or not. It is difficult for the client to understand that the social media campaigns could drive leads by themselves, but there would be no certainty about it. This is where Google analytics and all the tracking tools come in to play and rescue the agency. Even if we aren’t able to track the base impact of the digital campaign we have a lot of aspects to track, such as, impressions, cost per impression, reach, clicks and so on. But then when we talk about a traditional campaign we are restricted with what we can track; such as the sales before and after the campaign, phone numbers for call to action and survey. But we all know that these aren’t as efficient and that’s one of the reasons spends on digital campaigns have surpassed the traditional campaigns in 2016.


Change in buying pattern


Digital marketing has also changed the traditional way of the marketing and the flow of the buyer into making the final action. The process of the ad leading the customer towards making the purchase still applies, and always will; although the process has changed. The customer is now exposed a lot of different brands. The average attention span time is eight seconds and about seven clicks till they’re on a checkout page. Even if you watch an ad of your favorite brand on TV you are bound to go check your phone to make the purchase, this is how everything is eventually leading to digital platforms.


Digital marketing has now evolved from being a budding prospect to an established form of running ads and promotions for a brand and there are no rising questions about why it shouldn’t be the focal point of your marketing budget!

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