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Four Effective LinkedIn Lead Generation Tactics That Will Help Your Business

Hopefully, your company already has a presence on LinkedIn- one of the leading social media site for professional networking. But merely having a LinkedIn account isn't going to do anything to promote your business, you need to be proactive and have an effective strategy in place. When it comes to using LinkedIn for lead generation, there are a few things you can do to get ahead of your competitors and boost sales. Keeping that in mind, we have put together four easy lead generation tactics that will help you see new leads coming into your business-

Optimise your personal profile

It’s not just your company page which can generate leads for your business; personal profiles can also be a source of potential B2B leads. An attractive profile with valuable credentials can create the right impression on visitors and earn you a lucrative business opportunity. There is a project section in the background element of your personal profile that you can use for lead generation by giving a link to upcoming events of your company, interactive webinars or Twitter Q and A sections to generate interest. The people who register for the webinar can then be enrolled onto your lead nurturing program. That’s not all, there are several sections in your profile where you can advertise your business and demonstrate results to show the success of your products and services.

Put LinkedIn Demographic Targeting to good use

Researching buyer personas relevant to your business will give you a fair idea of what sort of content would appeal to them. Your first step is to create a series of personalised content like blogs, articles, webinars, e-books and surveys to match each buyer persona. After the content is ready, you can get started with the LinkedIn demographic targeting tool to target adverts at users who fit into each of your buyer personas. You can target adverts on LinkedIn by industry, job title, location, company size, age, experience, gender, qualification and interests. In fact, some businesses find this far more effective than Google AdWords, as it allows you to target a more specific audience and is often cheaper as well.

Create a LinkedIn group

Participating in LinkedIn groups or creating your own LinkedIn group is an excellent way of networking with suppliers, B2B buyers and potential employees. The act of establishing your own group makes you stand out as an authority in your industry and catches the attention of new customers. To set up your own group, you would first need to research on buyer personas and search relevant users based on their specific interests. The next step involves opening a dialogue with these prospects by inviting them to join your group. After the group is created, you need to determine what type of content you would be sharing to hold your members’ interest and keep them engaged. While you should be publishing valuable content to the group, make sure it doesn’t turn into a promotional mouthpiece for your business. Groups encourage actual conversations with decision-makers who may not have otherwise heard of your business, opening the door to valuable business relationships.

Make use of Plug-ins

LinkedIn is a powerful lead generation tool by itself, and it becomes even more effective when you add complimentary add-ons like the handy LinkedIn Connection Revealer or LinMailPro. LinkedIn Connection Revealer tells you exactly how big of a network all your first level connections have. From there, you can engage with users who travel in big circles, and try to leverage their platform to promote your product or service. LinMailPro allows you to automatically find and invite every person who has recently viewed your profile. With it, you can send a personalized message to those who have looked at your profile and even tag them to sort your new connections into a list of potential customers you can deliver marketing messages to.

Apart from these, there are plenty of other ways by which you can generate leads for your business, like asking your employees to share your company’s content, making sure your profile has an “All-star” status, join groups relevant to your business and publish posts via LinkedIn pulse.

There’s a sea of possibilities when it comes to generating leads and traffic using LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the ideal source for B2B marketing, but without the right knowledge and approach, it can turn out to be another time-sucking social network. So, put these tactics to good use and figure out an effective strategy that will eventually make a huge difference in the growth of your business.

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