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February 16, 2017


Google has been testing a feature for the past few months and has finally made it accessible to the audiences. This feature broadens the maps into the social world, the users were able to star places earlier on the Google Maps app but now they can share these places among friends and family making them social. This feature was announced by Google in a blog post a couple of days ago.


Users can now follow and see other people’s lists’ from their contacts; the use and steps towards this were not mentioned by Google. However, in a promotional video by them you can spot a feature that allows you to make your lists’ viewable to the public. This feature can be enabled by clicking the ‘make public’ button as shown in the promotional video. Google has possibly made this move to make their forum a little more social as people can make their lists discoverable to the public and vice versa. It is also assumed to grow with time and become competition to apps like Foursquare and Swarm.


This feature not only gives access to individuals with Google but also to the companies and businesses listed on it. The companies can make their own lists of locations and make them discoverable, which means it can be accessed on the Google platform by any Google user or company.


Google is also assumed to make a few lists by themselves on popular topics and share them with the users making it a better experience for them. These lists will also change according to the location of the individual, for example, if you are in Mumbai then the ‘restaurants’ list will show places in and around Mumbai and so on with different cities, countries and locations.


Even if this feature has already been rolled out to the public, you will only be able to make the lists on the mobile apps for the Android and iOS platforms. These lists will be accessible on the Google Maps app on mobile and desktop, but the power of creating new lists lies only on the Android and iOS platforms.


This move is certainly to improve and enhance the usability of the Google Maps app, so that people use it for more than just turn-by-turn directions to a location!


Brief on how to use this feature:

After finding places in Maps users can tap or click a ‘save’ icon in order to add the place to either the preset lists ‘want to go’ and ‘favorites’, or on a custom named list, this feature will enable you to name your list accordingly, for example you can name a list as ‘coffee houses in town’ for the locations you have shortlisted for your next hangout with friends. You can find these lists in the ‘Your Places’ in the Google Maps’ menu and share them with your friends and family.



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