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How to improve your content with Analytics

Content is the whole and sole of your website. Content marketing hence, becomes a very integral factor in the marketing process of your website. To go ahead you need to keep a track of your existing content and see how the audience is reacting and behaving to your content. This enables you to ideate your next step and also guides you in knowing what is to be changed or altered. Analytics is something that can help you with the data and the analysis of your website. Analytics works wonders for content marketers, it provides options in a lot of different fields: bounce rate, traffic source, recurring visitor and more.

Analytics Tools

Analytics provide you with the much needed information on your website and it is integral as you can change the content of your website based on these analytics. Google, social share and

engagement are some platforms and analytics tools that you can use to get a hold of your analytics; out of these, Google Analytics is the most used and trusted tool. It provides you with all types of analytics ranging from where the viewer is based to which platform he is landing on your website from and so on.

What to do with the tools

Once you have your Google analytics in place you can track a variety of aspects for your websites. You need to check the popularity of your website i.e. the number of visitors on your website. Keep a track of competitors and track how they are going and what are the changes that they are making. Make use of external media and guests posts, you can also promote your content on other websites to have more visitors from similar fields. Analyze your social media posts; see which posts are getting more clicks and what is it that you’re doing right, stick to that for a while.

Assurance and Reports

You must be certain about the HTML codes on your website, wrong codes can lead to ‘404’ or ‘page not found’ errors which would repulse the audience! Visitors do not wait for more than 2-3 seconds for your page to load, make sure you do not have heavy images with the content; the lighter the image the quicker the loading speed of your page. Make reports of the flow of the audience on your website and also their behavior. With Google Analytics you will be able to track which pages they’re visiting and how much time they are spending on a particular page, make reports according to the content and then improve the content according to these reports.

Track the search engine

With Google Analytics you can also check what are the most searched words on your website search engine. This will enable you to know what the viewers want to read, tweak your content according to that. This will result in a reduction in the bounce rate on your website; viewers would be loyal to a website that cares for them and changes the content according to their requests, this develops a feeling for a personal and emotional connection.

Google Analytics is the most widely used search engine and also the most recommended analytics tracking tool for your website. Go ahead, use this tool and help your website grow and make sure you have the right content on your website.

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