Google Launches new feature in Mobile Ads

January 12, 2017



Google is launching a new feature, “Automated Call Extensions” in the mobile ads section.


In the same regard it has been sending emails to AdWords advertisers informing them that call extensions will be automatically included in mobile ads beginning February 6, 2017.





Call extension in Google AdWords is an ad extension that allows searchers to directly contact businesses when they are on their mobile device with an easy click to call button, saving the searcher time and effort while helping business attract potential customers.

According to Google, this feature will drive 19% more calls for the advertiser than using the landing pages alone. Also, another advantage of this feature is that they don’t cost advertisers; any extra money-clicks from call extensions are billed on the same cost-per-click model as a traditional Search or Display Network click.

However, there are several reasons why advertisers may not be in favor of this change. Some may not want to pay for calls being placed to their business through mobile search ads, and some may not even want to encourage phone calls if they’d prefer to capture leads in otherwise.

If they do not want this feature, they can simply opt out latest by 6th February 2016, by following these steps:

  • Navigate to the Ad extensions tab

  • Select “View: Automated extensions report”

  • Scroll down to “Automated extension options (advanced)”, then click on “Edit”

  • Select the option that says “Do not use specific automated extensions for this account”


Google is always coming up with new updates to suit the users as well as the advertisers; this one is advantageous for both the parties as it makes the search easy for the users and does not add an extra cost to the advertisers’ bill. To add to all this, advertisers don’t even have to worry about implementing this feature as it will be included automatically by Google!


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