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Google Introduces a New Testing Tool for Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google launched a new AMP (accelerated mobile pages) testing tool a few days back, aimed at helping businesses determine how well their website performs on the mobile web, which includes smartphones and tablets. Given that mobile searches have now surpassed desktop search, it’s critical for website owners – and also for Google – that the sites showing up in search results are accessible and functional.

The new website testing tool (available here) is not highly technical, and can be easily accessed by anyone. After entering a website address or URL, the tool will score the site and return the results quickly. It will also offer a more detailed report showing the reasons behind the scores and suggested fixes.

Google already offers an array of testing tools for websites, including PageSpeed Insights, PageSpeed Tools and its Mobile-Friendly Test, which is focused on the site’s design. However, most of its earlier tools were aimed at developers, site designers and other more technical users. The new testing tool is instead targeting the business owners themselves, who may not have known about these tools’ existence, or didn’t understand their output.

According to Google, “This testing tool is mobile-friendly and uses Google's live web-search infrastructure to analyze the AMP page with the real Googlebot. The tool tests the validity of the AMP markup as well as any structured data on the page. If issues are found, click on them to see details. For valid AMP pages, we may also provide a link to a live preview of how this page may appear in Google's search results.”

The new testing tool simplifies the user interface and shows scores as Good (in green), Fair (yellow) and Poor (red). A snapshot of the results can also be shared with others, with the share button on the bottom right. This in turn makes it easier to discuss issues within the team.

It’s a good way to quickly check a website’s mobile-friendliness and page speed, and since some aspects can be fixed relatively fixed, such as optimisation of pages, it could be very useful for small businesses.

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