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Google Adwords Get New Expanded Character Limit

The Google Adwords character limit has remained the same for the past fifteen years, but things have changed at last with Google announcing its expansion of Adwords text ads character limit from the hackneyed 25-35-35 to the new 30-30-80.

Google announced the impending change in May 2016, and on July 26th, Adwords finally rolled out new character limits that change the way text ads display content.

The new type of ads consist of two headlines of up to thirty characters of text and one condensed description line of up to eighty characters. That bigger headline doesn’t come at the expense of the description lines: everything has been super-sized.

Apart from this, display URLs have also changed with Expanded Text Ads. Instead of entering any URL manually, it’s now automatically extracted from the final URL, and the rest can be customized with up to two paths.

This change represents a huge shift in the way we post our ads on the internet. While there is surely a lot of testing to follow, initial trials have already shown an increase in click-through rates by up to 20 percent compared to current text ads.

The reason for such change appears to be a part of Google’s shift in focus towards mobile. Mobile is growing, and the AdWords that was built 15 years ago simply doesn’t cut it anymore.

While advertisers are still figuring out a way to use this vast landscape of extra characters wisely and strategically, it remains to be seen to what extent the change impacts accounts and how the ads perform from now on.

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