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Online Reputation Management: Lending A Boost To Your Business

Customers are the focal point of every possible business in the world; they are the main reason for the growth of any business. The main objective of your business would be to please the customers and keep them happy. And if your customers are happy, they would eventually give you good reviews on online forums where reviews can be submitted. It is a vicious cycle when it comes to the reviews. The customers review the businesses and then a set of new customers read it and get influenced. As a business entity, there is very little you can do to influence this behaviour.

What a customer writes on a social media platform or an industry forum can have a larger impact on your business as compared to what you promote on your own media and advertising platforms. 68% of millennials trust online reviews when it comes to decision-making as compared to television or digital advertisements. One major reason for consumers to trust an online review is that they relate to the customers and feel a sense of emotional connect with them.

Reviews used to impact only a certain sector of businesses in the industry - mostly the hospitality industry - but that has changed now with the growth in digital media. Social media is an easily accessible platform for the normal public to review a business and now that almost all brands have a social media presence, the impact of the reviews is not limited to only the hospitality industry.

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is turning out to be a valuable business opportunity. Businesses are now willing to outsource it to agencies so that they can remain on top without employing an internal team for such operations. And, along the same line, there are also a lot of startups that are getting into the ORM business. Digital marketing agencies are also including ORM in their packages along with Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation.

Businesses are now investing in the promotion and strengthening of these profiles by hiring digital marketing agencies to run digital media operations for them. Reviews are considered to increase the sales of a product by around 18%. Google is the biggest player and is also rating companies on 'Google reviews’. It has become really important for companies to focus on their online reputation.

The positive reviews for your business are inversely related to the performance of your business; the better you perform, the better your reviews would be. You must also not miss out on the chance of getting a review. Implement it in your business model and - if you are an e-commerce website - send a feedback form to your customer and then implement it in your reviews. You could also ask your customers to review your brand on Google or on social media. This would increase the number of positive reviews. But, the safest option would be to provide customers with a feedback form as you receive the content directly from the user.

Even when you receive a bad review, don’t try to avoid it or delete it. This will not help your online reputation. Instead, reply to a bad review and try to help out the customer with a solution to their problems. At the end of the day, a happy customer is the best kind of customer.

Online Reputation Management can be useful to your business if it is cautiously implemented.

It is highly recommended that every company which has a social media presence should practice ORM to know what their customers really think and expect from them. If you are part of a company that wants sincere feedback in order to improve further, then Online Reputation Management is a must-have for you.

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