How to Make the Most of the New LinkedIn Update

April 25, 2017


LinkedIn is one of the most effective platforms when it comes to connecting with people on a professional level, finding a job, recruiting people to your company, and indulging in intriguing business-to-business interactions. It is the platform most frequented by people with regard to communication on a business-oriented online portal.

Recently, LinkedIn came up with an upgrade which includes a newer design for their desktop layout orientation. It is going to be updated on all user profiles very soon and LinkedIn claims that this update has been launched to make life easier for its users.


Many analysts claim that the new update has a very high resemblance to that of Facebook’s look. This cannot be completely ruled out as they have included features such as ‘Like’, ‘Comment’ and ‘Share’ which are all original to Facebook.


Let’s take a closer look at the new LinkedIn layout:


LinkedIn changed their layout on 19th January, 2017. By now, most users have seen the changes in the layout but it hasn’t been implemented on all profiles across LinkedIn.


A ‘New’ Newsfeed


The major change in the new LinkedIn is the way the homepage looks. This change was made as most users felt that the LinkedIn home page was very complex and not very user friendly. The new update hopes to change this and give all users a better user experience.


Universal Search Box

The search box located on the top of the LinkedIn page has now been made universal. There now exists one search box for all categories, enabling the users to directly search between jobs, companies, keywords or people. The advanced search function can now be found after two clicks. In other words, the search functionality has been improved to deliver better results.


Live Messaging

You can now send messages to their connections similar to the Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct features. Users will also be notified about the message with this new update.


Improved Navigation

The Home page now comprises of seven tabs that lead you to: Home (your feed), Search, Jobs, Messages, Notifications, My Network, and Me (which includes your profile settings). These tabs handle all the activity on your LinkedIn account and give you greater ease at accessing various features.  


Know Who is Viewing Your Content

According to the new update, even non-premium users can see which user has viewed their content. This feature was available only to premium users in the previous version.


Converse With Your Connections

The whole process of engaging and interacting with connections on LinkedIn has always been a little confusing. But, with this update, this issue has been solved to quite an extent. The activity of messaging your connections has been made simpler and users also have the option to like, comment or share the content. One can now use these features to reach their connections efficiently.


Increase the Number of Posts

Now that LinkedIn has added more options to react to posts, it will be easier to gauge if posts are actually seen by your connections and, if so, then what do they think about it. Take advantage of this by increasing your number of posts – you could also post longer articles for improved exposure.


Update Your Profile

With the new messaging feature, the chances of users viewing your profile is higher. Keeping this in mind, you can improve the details on your profile and make it stronger in the process.


Now that LinkedIn has a simpler and more user-friendly interface, it is likely to see more activity in the days to come, making it an even more valuable resource for forming and strengthening your business connections.

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