LinkedIn Introduces Autofill Lead Generation Forms

April 5, 2017


For most marketers on LinkedIn, collecting market leads is a tedious process that often reaps no gains. It is even harder to get people to fill out survey forms and have them register on your website through a third-party source. But LinkedIn has come up with a solution for the problems that most marketers face. The feature that we are talking about here is a ‘Lead Generation Form’.


The trouble faced by the user while filling these survey forms was the key point that was kept in mind during the making of the feature. The forms that users are asked to fill usually request them to subscribe to a newsletter or redirect the user to another website or to a certain page. To find a solution for this problem, LinkedIn has ventures with a new Lead Gen form that takes the basic information from the users profile and auto-fills it in the required places. According to the form requirement, information such as name, age, designation and company name will be taken.


As most or all of the information is auto-filled, all the user has to do is click on the ‘Submit Form’ option and they would have subscribed to your newsletter or would have followed the action mentioned in your CTA button.


Benefits of the Lead Gen Forms


Exceed Your Demand Gen Objectives


Ninety percent of the 50 customers surveyed in the pilot by LinkedIn beat their cost-per-lead (CPL) goals. They also saw lower CPLs with Lead Gen Forms compared to their standard Sponsored Content campaigns.


Accurate Information


Another important part of this feature is its accuracy in the information. As this task is not considered important by most users, it is often noted that they fill in incorrect information. This is now ruled out as the information is pulled from the profiles of the users. Moreover, this information is usually up-to-date as most users update their information on LinkedIn on a regular basis.


Measure the ROI


The reporting tools in LinkedIn Campaign Manager track key metrics like CPL, form fill rate, and other important data points to measure the value you're getting from your ad spend. With the inclusion of the Lead Gen forms, you can keep track of people visiting your website or making a subscription as there would be very few bogus entries and the data would be more accurate than ever.


Easily Manage Your Leads:


With Lead Gen Forms, lead management is seamless. You can download lead lists from Campaign Manager and sync leads with the marketing automation or CRM system of your choice through LinkedIn’s partners like Driftrock and Zapier.


This feature is set to change the game for marketing campaigns on LinkedIn with conversion rates having the possibility to rise during campaigns. This is largely due to the process leading up to the conversion. It is not time-consuming, can be completed only with clicks and without the need of filling forms and other information. 

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