Google Might Deactivate Local Business Pages That Have Been Inactive

June 3, 2015



Google confirmed recently that it might deactivate the Google My Business pages of all the businesses that have not been active in the past 6 months.


According to the official announcement made by Google, posted by Jade Wang on the Google Business Help forum, emails have been sent to all the Google My Business users to confirm if they are still active. They need to reply back to the mail to confirm that they are still active. The users that do not reply to the mails will be considered inactive, and if no activity is registered by them in the past six months, then their accounts might be deactivated.


Thoseusers, which have not received the email and find that their accounts have been deactivated incorrectly, can restore their account by contacting Google Support Centre. Wang also said in the post that "We're doing this in order to continue to provide users with the best experience when they're looking for local businesses like yours".


This is being done as Google thinks that it is a good idea to keep and eye on the inbox associated with Google My Business account. And users should also log in from time to time to confirm that their business information is current and accurate.  They are doing this to make sure that the account and the business is real.


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