7 Ways to Create an Awesome Facebook Page for Your Company

June 11, 2015

In today’s competitive world, it’s no longer just about the number of likes that your page gets. The engagement and conversation rate is what matters the most. After all, what is the point of having 1000 likes on your page out of which only 10-15 are the ones who actually buy your product?

So here are 7 simple ways in which you can create and awesome Facebook page for your business:


1. Make sure that your Profile Photo is in sync with your Cover Photo


This is one of the most basic things that people often tend to overlook. It is good if you have an attractive profile photo, but to make sure that you have and awesome Facebook page, try to have a profile picture that looks like it’s a part of the cover photo, but also distinguishes it from the cover photo. Something like this:


Also, make sure that your profile photo contains the logo of your business, so when people are searching for it, they can recognize it easily.


2. Build Conversation with your Users


It is very important to build conversation with your users or people who follow your page. You can do this in the following ways:

  • Encourage people to give feedback or share their experience.

  • Reply to messages and posts as soon as possible, even if there is a negative feedback, respond to it rather than ignoring.


3. Share Exclusive Information


This can be one very effective way to drive traffic to your website, keep your audience interested as well as increase sales. Everyone loves being a part of some kind of exclusivity. So, give exclusive promotions and discounts on your Facebook page, give coupon codes that they can use on your website.


4. Have Contests From Time To Time


Hold contests where people can share their experience/ moments or a tweet-a-thon contest. You can give them incentives or prizes which will encourage them to participate. This will enhance your visibility and also get them more interested in your brand.


5. Post Relevant and Interesting Pictures and Videos


It is very important to post pictures and videos that will interest your audience. You need to post pictures that are attractive and provoke your audience to click on it as well as which are relevant to your brand.


6. Timing is very Crucial


Timing becomes very important not only when it comes to replying to people’s comments and queries, but you also need to keep your audience interested. The faster you reply, the more likely fans will engage with you in the future.


Another way in which timing is important is the time of the day when you are posting things/scheduling your posts. You need to keep a track of the time when your users are most active and schedule your posts around that time.


7. Keep a Track of What Works and What Doesn’t


The great part about Facebook pages is that you can track everything. You can track the reach of your posts, when did it get maximum views, what your followers like the most, how many clicks you are getting,etc. You can measure how your posts are performing.


So you need to keep a track of what’s working and what’s not and work on it. This will help you figure out how to engage with your audience better and keep them interested.


These ideas are based on experience with personal and client accounts. We at Edgytal take pride in helping our clients add business value through Social Media Marketing. To find out more on how we can help, give us a shout and we will be happy to line up a discussion.


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