Your Google Grant Advertising account could be suspended soon

February 27, 2018



Google Adwords provides selected nonprofits with Ad Grants that allow them to advertise on Google search for free up to an amount of $10,000 a month. However, it also imposed a limit of $2 CPC which made it very difficult for them to compete with non-grant advertisers. Moreover, this amount couldn’t even be used for Google Search Partners or Google Display network.  These restrictions meant that spending the full grant amount was almost impossible.


On December 14, 2017, Google announced that they were removing the $2 CPC cap. On the surface, this seemed like a cause for celebration. However, hidden away in the updated policies is a lot of bad news for Google AdWords Grant Advertisers. Many rules have been put into place, which if not adhered to, could lead to a suspension of your Grants account.


Starting from March 1, the Google Grant team will start auditing accounts of Google grant Advertisers to see if improvements have been made. Accounts could be suspended if their account click-through rate is not above 5 percent.


So, what can you do to ensure that this does not happen to you? Here are two crucial moves that should be implemented right away:


1. Review the CTR of your account


If your click-through rate is below 5%, take the following steps to improve it:

  • Pay attention to your ad copy. Rewrite it, add more keywords, and test them before you send it out.

  • Add relevant ad extensions specific to both campaigns and ad groups.

  • You can run a filter to look at keywords with high impressions and a low CTR. Focus on these keywords.

  • There could be particular ad groups or keywords bringing down your CTR. Review search queries, identify irrelevant keywords, and add them as negative keywords.


2. Remove Keywords with a lot Quality score


Using keywords with quality scores of 1 or 2 can drastically affect your CTR. If keywords with that score aren’t important, remove them from your campaign.  If they are important, you can improve their quality score by creating custom landing pages for them.


To understand why your quality score is low, you can hover over the status of the keyword. This gives you the primary reasons as it relates to expected CTR, ad relevance, and landing page experience. This will give you guidance regarding which keywords you should be spending your time on.


Along with these steps, ensure that your location targeting is absolutely relevant to your organisation. You also need at least two ad groups for each campaign and at least two site links running.


The Google AdWords Grants is an excellent initiative by the company. But Google is also making changes across the board to make sure that the ads that users see are relevant to them. That is also just as crucial, especially now that we know the negative impacts of internet phenomenon like fake news. To hold on to your Grants account, make sure your CTR exceeds 5% by the first of March. Or else Google might just sweep you right away.


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