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A Guide on ‘How to Turn Potential Customers into Buyers’

A retail seller is always hoping to find the right consumer at the right time with the right product, to crack a sale. You want to catch them at the point where they are deciding if they want to buy a product or not. If there is any time when you want to implement a sale strategy, want to make changes or tweak your sale process, it is now. One important aspect is to keep your consumers engaged throughout the entire shopping experience. With this is mind, most brands must now focus on creating a smooth process and experience for the user until the final purchase is made, and beyond that with their post-sale service.

Analyse your situation, take note of what you are currently doing and tweak where required. Here are some tips to help you perform efficiently:

Adhere to the Sales Funnel

You need to know how your users react to certain ads and what is it that pushes them to click. You need to know the flow of their purchasing pattern. Make a track of the steps they take and analyse them to turn your prospects into customers. Everyone on your website will be there for a different purpose; some would come with a purpose of making a purchase while some would just want to browse for the future, who doesn’t like window-shopping, specially when it is only a click away?

Customers at the top of your funnel aren’t willing to make the purchase; they are in the initial stages. Don’t show them CTA buttons (Eg. ‘Buy now’). Customers always need to build a trust first and only then will they make a purchase. But you have to make sure you take advantage of all their visits. The least you can get out of it would be their contact details for retargeting and re-engaging.

Simplified Check-Outs

Your ultimate goal is to get a sale done, and the penultimate goal should be to make this process easy for the buyer.

Make sure you cover the following points:

  • Keep your checkout page clear of any distractions.

  • Guide your customers throughout the process with directional cues.

  • Only ask your customers for the information required to complete the order, long forms are a strict no-no.

  • Always allow your customers to complete the order as guests; you will still get your sale done and also the information for re-engagement.

  • Filling a form in one click is the best feature for users, for the simple reason: the faster the easier. Hence, allow social media account logins and drag information from there.

  • Incentives at a higher cart value to increase your sales.

Show Customer Testimonials

There is nothing better for a customer other than seeing one of them having have had a good experience with your brand. All of it boils down to the old feature of influencer marketing.

Don’t Let Them Relax

Always have pop-ups that nudge your customer to quicken their process. These could be lightening deals, time based discounts, free delivery if ordered within a certain time etc.


Re-engagement is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to converting a potential customer. It is although unfortunately one of the most forgotten features as well. It also provides you with a bonus as it reduces the overall cost per customer acquisition. Install the Facebook pixel into your website, once that is done you can set your own Website Custom Audiences.

You have multiple options in this field, including:

  • Anyone who visits your website.

  • People who visit specific pages on your website / but not others.

  • People who haven’t visited in a certain amount of time / based on time spent on your site.

Use Dynamic Ads

If you are a retailer and have a strong product catalogue, then ‘dynamic ads’ is just absolutely pin point perfect for you. Create a dynamic ad on Facebook for your campaign and showcase all your primary products with the same, here’s what you can do with dynamic ads:

  • Automatically generate ads based on your product catalogue and ad creative templates.

  • Show specific product ads based on particular user behaviour on your website.

  • Generate Lookalike Audiences to find more people who may be interested in specific products on your site.

Making use of available tools can help you turn curious shoppers into decisive buyers, reaching and converting the precise audience you need to influence – potential customers, existing customers, and even people who’ve never heard of you. The possibilities are as broad as your ad campaigns make them.

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