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All You Need To Know and Do on World Social Media Day!

Every festival, day or tradition is treated with utmost importance, so we thought it would not hurt anyone to know a little about #SocialMediaDay, with regard to the increasing use of social media in this digital savvy world that we live in.

#SocialMediaDay was first initiated in 2010 on the 30th of June and has become a regular annual event since then. It was started by the global entertainment company, Mashable. The day is meant to “highlight the ways digital culture has revolutionized how we communicate”, today also marks the eight occasion of the #SocialMediaDay.

The ground idea of #SocialMediaDay, is for people to connect offline and refresh the idea of having conversation in-person. The day is to make people aware of the high density of the online conversation that people indulge in, especially millennials. We have come to an age where more and more growing teenagers are becoming introverts, as the internet does not require them to express and face their fear, they can write to the world without even having to face a single person.

So to mark the popularity of #SocialMediaDay and make it ‘a thing’ (like every other social media activity) you could do the following things and contribute to the ever-growing digital network:

Promote #SocialMediaDay in your city

Hundreds of cities around the world have already officially recognized Social Media Day. Join the movement, and submit a proclamation request of your own.

Go for a scavenger hunt

Yes, you heard it right, supporting the idea of increasing interactions online; Tampa Bay has set up a scavenger hunt at the Gasprilla Music festival. Here are some details about the event for you:

  • Tune in Live on WFLA News Channel 8’s Facebook page to follow their journey through Tampa Bay around 2 p.m. (UTC-5) Friday.

  • Then, at 6 p.m. (UTC-5) doors will open to the public at Ferg’s Live located at 490 Channelside Drive in Tampa.

Gasparilla Music Festival Bands including, Ella Jet, Ari Chi and Pajamas will be jamming from 6-9 p.m. (UTC-5)

Use social media

If you’re busy at work or stuck with some other activities, you could resort to social media and make the most of today. If you are person who is highly active on Facebook, tweet literally every second of your life, or post every #selfie on Instagram you have an excuse to do it on a larger extent today. After all, what could be better than celebrating #SocialMediaDay on social media (not ironic at all)? Don’t forget to join the global conversation by using the hashtag #SMDay.

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