Facebook expands options for Custom Audience Creation

October 24, 2017


Facebook is back with the newest addition to its tools for targeted advertising. Two new options have been added to the Custom Audience Creation facility, which allows advertisers to target specific sets of people and strengthen existing customer relationships.


This constantly expanding list of tools is Facebook’s way of capitalizing on the wide range of data it receives from its users. It is a smart move to attract more and more ad spend, and to establish Facebook’s effectiveness. The company knows how effective their tools are, and the results they garner for advertisers. By enhancing their array of options, they are simply keeping up with the ever-evolving world of digital marketing. 



 The new options include ‘Dwell Time’ and ‘Link Sharing’. The former is a handy way to reach out to those potential customers who have exhibited interest in the brand but need a small push for a conversion. While there is no way to confirm whether the dwelling time in a case is a proof of interest, it does have the potential to help brands identify an otherwise untapped niche group.


The latter will target those users who have previously shared the content of the brand, which suggests that they feel some sense of affinity and trust towards it. This helps a brand to find the correct audience for more specific promotional activities, such as event marketing and loyalty programs.


However, the company has received a lot of negative attention due to their role in spreading fake news during the United States Presidential election. It was revealed that these same Custom Targeting tools were used to spread false information about the candidates. This means that Facebook may have been a major reason for the subsequent election result, which has left the country crippled politically and socially.


Keeping this in mind, it is wise to consider the negative impacts such tools may have in the modern era of the World Wide Web. Since these tools are available for everyone and can be used easily, it can be used as a powerful virtual weapon. Unless Facebook can find a way to curb the negative potential of its platform, it will not be able to escape the blame it receives in the wake of any mishap.


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