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The Importance of Brand Experience to the Digital User

The difference between a company and a brand lies predominantly in the marketing strategy employed by any organisation. A brand stirs up emotions and associations, and it has become imperative for companies to focus on maintaining a positive perception of their institution. Every firm is looking to adopt strategies to maintain a constant digital presence and increase/retain their consumer base.

A more domestic example is Amul. While the roots of the co-operative lie in a rural revolution, strategic branding led to the association of a dash of nationalism with the whole organisation. The ‘Amul girl’, handled by DaCunha Communications, is used cleverly to inculcate a feeling of positivity towards the brand through witty comments about contemporary events in their posters.

Customers today expect more than satisfaction of their needs. Due to the rapid increase in information dissemination, consumers are very aware of the choices available to them for every want they may have. The products that one uses are often perceived to reflect one’s own image, which is why celebrity endorsements work very well. Apple’s status as a luxury brand has successfully established it as a lucrative product even when other companies provide similar phones at cheaper prices.

With the advent of social media, the ways to establish brand presence are evolving every day. The digital revolution means that every company is struggling to find the newest ideas to attract potential customers. There is an entire ‘web’ to garner engagement with consumers, and this must be used carefully to be effective. The digital user feedback can turn negative with one wrong social media post.

A fine example of this would be the dominant position Nestle India’s Maggi has enjoyed in the Indian market for three decades. Before the nationwide ban in 2015, they enjoyed an 80-90% share in the market for instant noodles. A part of this popularity can be attributed to product features such as taste or easy availability. The image of comfort and familiarity that the company has capitalised on in its advertisements helped it to capture about 60% of the market share when it relaunched after the nationwide ban in 2015.

In the midst of this cut-throat competition, the best way to connect with your consumers is to set expectations through a defined purpose. There is no shortage in the abundance of data available to marketers. However, the trick is to go beyond seeing buyers as numbers. Using digital channels strategically, brand managers are creating brilliant, personalised, and attractive brand experiences. Embracing the digital field is the way to go for every organisation looking to survive today.

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