No More Unintentional Clicks for Ads on Facebook

August 13, 2017

Most of us are aware of the troubles a marketer has to face, to get his hands on a detailed report of the metrics for their campaign. For those who don’t know, tracking the metrics can be done through Google Analytics and Metrics for Facebook, but these analytics tools have a few gaps in their reports and don’t give the marketer a clear idea of the campaign performance. In their recent blog post, Facebook has mentioned how they have been working on this for quite a while and have come up with a solution for this issue.


The major idea behind this new update is to stop the placement of ads in a position that drives unintentional clicks on them. For example, there could be a game where you are asked to shoot down targets and when you’re about to make the clicks, the target gets replaced by an ad leading to unintentional clicks. This new feature is set to affect the mobile advertising on a larger base and work to get rid of the problem that advertisers identify as, “fat finger".


In this update, Facebook also says they will be looking at the ad clicks more closely. For example, if an individual clicks on an ad but does not stay for longer than two seconds, it will be considered as an ad click. This new feature is set to bring a lot of joy to the marketers in all forms, making their metrics more potent than they have ever been. To add to this, Facebook will also automatically pause ad placements that exhibit a high inflation in the unintentional ad clicks. This will be done stating that the ad was placed to encourage unintentional clicks.


The white space around the ads will not be clickable from now on. Facebook updated its policies and has made alterations that state the negation clickable content on the white space. The user will now be required to click on the advertiser’s asset.

Mobile is becoming the most important platform for Facebook and almost every other social media, in Q2 Facebook’s maximum revenue came from mobile ads. The focus on this new update, hence, has become to make the platform less frustrating for the users and as seamless as possible.


The news is also the latest signal that major digital advertising platforms like Facebook and Google are taking a far more active role in punishing ad formats that are deemed undesirable by users. Google, for its part, plans to introduce a proprietary ad blocker to its Chrome web browser that will target ads deemed unacceptable by standards established by the Coalition for Better Ads, which the Alphabet-owned company is a member of.

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